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Arthur Starr Eakle

Arthur Starr Eakle (1862 - 1931)

Arthur Starr Eakle was born in Washington, D. C., on July 27, 1862. He received his doctorate, magna cum laude, from the University of Munich in 1896. He married Fannie V. Kenney in 1899 and in 1900 came to Berkeley. He became assistant professor in 1903, associate professor in 1913, full professor in 1919 and professor emeritus in 1929. He died at Honolulu, July 5th 1931 while studying the minerals of Hawaii.

Professor Eakle contributed much to science by the discovery of new minerals. He was highly esteemed by the mineralogists of the world, was a member of the Mineralogical Society of America and its president in 1925. Of a genial disposition, kindly, considerate, obliging and cooperative, he was active in social and civic affairs. The community in which he lived no less than the University is the poorer for his passing; and his colleagues in the Academic Senate mourn his loss.