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Luna Leopold

Luna Leopold (1915 - 2006)

On February 23, 2006, Luna Leopold died at the age of 90. Luna was a vital force, a man of extraordinary creativity and originality, whose passion about science and the natural world permeated all he did. He wrote with a clarity, simplicity, and insightfulness that inspired generations of researchers. Nearly all of Luna’s papers precede the time when publishing houses make pdf’s available. In order to avoid Luna’s seminal papers becoming “classics” (papers often cited but never read), we have created a web page where the majority of Luna’s papers have been scanned and made available on line as pdf’s. Luna assisted with this work, reviewing the publication list and helping us find originals of papers.

This web page contains a list of Luna’s publications. For those papers for which we could find copies, we have made pdf’s. There are some gaps (which we hope to close soon) and some wonderful inclusions.

Some may be surprised by the breadth of Luna’s publications. He was trained as a civil engineer (B.S degree), meteorologist (M.S. degree) and geologist (Ph.D.) and his publications reflect that blending of fields. His first publication is 1937 and is entitled: “Relation of Watershed Conditions to Flood Discharge: A Theoretical Analysis”, and his most recent (2005) publication is “Geomorphic Effects of Urbanization in Forty-one Years of Observations”. Few have written papers spanning 68 years, and fewer still have had such an influence on a field or on society.

To preserve his memory, interested individuals may direct contributions to graduate student fellowships in the UC Berkeley Earth & Planetary Science Department. Checks should be made out to "The Regents of the University of California" and addressed to Front Office, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, 307 McCone Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA, 94720-4767.