Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Planetary Science


Richard Allen

Garniss H. Curtis Endowed Department Chair; Professor & Director of Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

Regional seismic structure and dynamics, mantle upwelling processes. Earthquake rupture mechanisms. Seismic hazard mitigation including earthquake early warning systems.

rallen@berkeley.edu279 McCone Hall

Walter Alvarez

Professor of the Graduate School

Stratigraphy and Earth history, tectonics, stratigraphy of pelagic limestones.
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Fax: (510) 643-9980
317 McCone Hall

Jill F. Banfield


Mineralogy, environmental geochemistry, geomicrobiology, environmental microbiology and nanogeoscience.
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369 McCone Hall

James Bishop


Ocean carbon cycle dynamics, remote sensing, aquatic chemistry, marine biogeochemistry, land - ocean biogeochemistry, chemical oceanography, ocean sensors and autonomous observing systems.
Phone: (510) 642 6110
499 McCone (UCB)


Professor & the Lieselotte and David Templeton Professor of Chemistry

Atmospheric chemistry and climate on Earth and other planets.
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Fax: (510) 642-8369
BG3 Giauque

William Boos

Associate Professor

Atmospheric science, climate dynamics, monsoons, Earth's hydrological cycle

william.boos@berkeley.edu413 McCone Hall

Bruce Buffett


Dynamics and evolution of planetary interiors, including mantle convection, plate tectonics, and planetary dynamos. Physical modeling of gas hydrates and consequences for climate change.
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383 McCone Hall



Crustal deformation and active tectonics, volcano deformation, fault geometry and structure, frictional properties of faults, and active deformation from non-tectonic processes.
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389 McCone Hall

Eugene Chiang

Professor of EPS & Astronomy

Theoretical astrophysics focusing on the origin and evolution of planetary systems, both Extra-Solar and Solar.
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Fax: (510) 642-3411
Hearst Field Annex B-20

Ronald Cohen

Professor of EPS & Chemistry

Atmospheric Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Ozone; Nitrogen oxides; Water.
Phone: (510) 642-2735
B45 Hildebrand Hall

William Collins

Professor in Residence; Director for the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division, LBNL & Director of the Climate Readiness Institute

Interactions of clouds and aerosols with solar and terrestrial radiation, role of clouds and aerosols in climate change,development of new methods for modeling global aerosols, and clouds in GCMs
Phone: 510-495-2407
375 McCone Hall

Kurt Cuffey

Professor of EPS & Geography and the Martin Distinguished Chair in Ocean, Earth and Climate Science

Glaciology, Glacial Geomorphology, and Climate Change
Phone: (510) 643-1641
Fax: (510) 643-9980
525 McCone

Imke De Pater

Professor of EPS & Astronomy

Astronomy, Planetary Science, Adaptive optics and Radio Observations of the giant planets, their rings and satellites.
Phone: (510) 642-1947
605A Campbell Hall

Donald DePaolo

Chancellor’s Professor, Emeritus & Professor of the Graduate School

Application of mass spectrometry, radiogenic isotope geochemistry, and principles of physics and chemistry to fundamental problems in geology.
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Fax: (510) 642-9520
473 McCone Hall



Seeking mechanistic, quantitative understanding of the form and evolution of landscapes. In addition, we are seeking linkages between ecological and geomorphic processes, and building tools to tackle pressing environmental problems.
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313 McCone Hall

Douglas Dreger


Use of waveform data to investigate seismic source, wave propagation, and Earth structure problems including geophysical inverse problems.
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Fax: (510) 643-5811
281 McCone Hall

Bethanie Edwards

Assistant Professor

Professor Edwards' will be joing the Earth and Planetary Science faculty on July 1, 2018.

Professor Edwards reseach focused on oxylipins, a structurally diverse class of molecules produced by the enzymatic oxidation of lipids within the cell. The most well-studied subclass of oxylipins in the  marine ecosystems.

Inez Fung


Geophysical fluid dynamics and large-scale numerical modeling. Biogeochemical cycles. Remote sensing of earth systems. Atmosphere-ocean interactions, and atmosphere-biosphere interactions.
Phone: (510) 643-9367
Fax: (510) 643-9980
399 McCone Hall/ 335 Hilgard Hall

Paul Henshaw

Visiting Professor

Petroleum systems include the evolution of basins with their stratigraphic, structural and biogeochemical processes through time.
Phone: 925-212-9492
415 McCone Hall

Raymond Jeanloz

Professor of EPS & Astronomy

The nature and evolution of planetary interiors, as well as the properties of materials at high pressures.
Phone: (510) 642-2639
Fax: (510) 643-9980
491 McCone Hall

Michael Manga

Professor & the Judy Webb Endowed Chair of Physical Sciences

Geological processes involving fluids, including problems in physical volcanology, geodynamics, hydrogeology, and geomorphology.
Phone: (510) 643-8532
Fax: (510) 643-9980
381 McCone Hall

Burkhard Militzer

Associate Professor

Computer simulations of materials in interiors of the earth and giant planets, first-principle simulation techniques, equation of state calculations.
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Fax: (510) 643-9980
407 McCone Hall

Steve Pride

Adjunct Professor

Crusted seismology, poroelasticity, electrical properties of rocks, physics of brittle fracture

James Rector

Professor of EPS & Civil Engineering

Borehole seismology, Reservoir characterization, Seismic wave propagation in sedimentary basins, Multidimensional digital signal processing, Non-invasive imaging of materials.
Phone: (510) 643-7820
Fax: (510) 642-7476
412 Davis Hall

Paul Renne

Professor in Residence & Director of Berkeley Geochronology Center

Applications of geochronology and paleomagnetism to various problems in the evolution of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.
Phone: (510) 644-1350
Fax: (510) 644-9201
2455 Ridge Road

Mark Richards


Mantle convection and large-scale dynamics of the Earth’s interior; Internal dynamics of Venus, Mars, and the Moon; Rotational dynamics and gravity fields of the terrestrial planets; History and dynamics of global plate motions; Computational geophysics; Igneous processes in the mantle and large-scale volcanism; Geological evolution of the Galápagos Archipelago and ridge system; Tectonics and dynamics of the Andean continental margin; Geological causes of mass extinction
Fax: (510) 643-9980
285 McCone Hall


Professor of the Graduate School

Deep earth structure and dynamics using seismological tools. Earthquake processes and scaling laws. Real time estimation of earthquake parameters. Development of modern broadband seismic and geophysical observatories on land and in the oceans. Planetary seismology.
Phone: (510) 643-5690
Fax: (510) 643-5811
291 McCone Hall

David Romps

Associate Professor

Atmospheric dynamics, moist convection and turbulence, and the interaction of clouds with Earth's climate.
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Fax: 510-486-7775
377 McCone Hall

Stephen Self

Adjunct Professor

Physical volcanology; field studies of products of large eruptions - flood basalts, calderas, and ignimbrites; environmental impact of volcanism.
Phone: 1-510-410-5574
McCone 415

David Shuster


Noble gas geochemistry, thermochronometry, and cosmogenic nuclide observations applied to problems involving alpine glacial erosion, chemical weathering, lunar impacts and magnetism, and thermal conditions of Martian meteorites
Phone: (510) 642-2607
Fax: (510) 644-9201
479 McCone Hall

Daniel Stolper

Assistant Professor

Biogeochemistry; Earth History; Geobiology; Global Climate Studies; Organic Geochemistry; Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Phone: 510-642-9177
McCone 405

Nicholas Swanson-Hysell

Assistant Professor

Earth history as revealed through the stratigraphic record; Using paleomagnetic and rock magnetic data to constrain ancient paleogeography and behavior of the geomagnetic field.
Phone: (510) 542-4787
Fax: (510) 643-9980
393 McCone Hall

Chi-Yuen Wang

Professor of the Graduate School

Hydrogeology; interaction of water with earthquakes, active tectonics.
Phone: (510) 642-2288
Fax: (510) 643-9980
407 McCone Hall

Hans-Rudolf WENK

Professor of the Graduate School

Mineralogy-Crystallography, Anisotropy-Texture Development, Field Investigations.
Phone: (510) 642-7431
Fax: (510) 643-9980
495 McCone Hall

George Brimhall

Professor Emeritus

Mineral resources, mineral exploration science, field geology, surface processes, low temperature geochemistry, granitic batholiths, soil geochemistry, geochronology of weathering systems.

Mark Bukowinski

Professor Emeritus

Physics and chemistry of planetary interiors, theoretical mineral physics, nature of bonding in deep earth minerals, modeling of geochemical processes, thermal and chemical evolution of the earth.

Lynn Ingram

Professor Emerita

Paleoclimatic and paleo-environmental reconstruction in aquatic environments using sedimentological, paleontological, and geochemical data.

Lane Johnson

Professor Emeritus

Structure and processes within the earth, seismic sources with particular application to the monitoring of nuclear test ban treaties. Development of improved theoretical and computational methods of treating wave propagation. Application of inverse methods to geophysical problems.

James Kirchner

Professor Emeritus

Watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry, Environmental geochemistry, Geomorphology , Evolutionary ecology, Paleobiology, Analysis of environmental data.

Doris Sloan

Adjunct Professor

History of San Francisco Bay, Early Paleozoic environments, regional geology.