Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Geophysics

Graduate Students

Name / Contact Advisor / Education / Research
Sevan Adourian

Advisor: Harriet Lau

Education: Physics B.S., Emory University; Solid Mechanics Sc.M., Brown University

Research Interests: large-scale material properties of Earth; mantle rheology; global geodynamics; ice sheet - solid Earth - sea level coupling / glacial isostatic adjustment

Stephen Breenbreen@berkeley.edu269 McCone

Advisor: Michael Manga
Education: BS (Physics) University of California, Irvine, BA (Economics) University of California, Santa Cruz, MS (Civil Engineering: Hydrology) University of California, Irvine.
Research Interest: Multiphase flow in porous media

Alexander Brykbryk@berkeley.edu179 McCone

Advisor: Bill Dietrich
Research Interests: Geomorphology and Sedimentary Geology

Tyler Cadena

Advisor: Hans-Rudolph Wenk

Education: B.S. Physics w/Materials Engineering University of Alabama Birmingham

Research Interests: Lower mantle anisotropy, material deformation modeling, high pressure and temperature experiments. 

Alexander Charnalexcharn5@berkeley.edu269 McCone

Advisor: Bill Collins
Education: B.S. (2015), Environmental Engineering Science, UC Berkeley
Research Interests: Climate science/modeling, precipitation extremes, cloud physics, lightning

Chen Li Weiliwei_chen@berkeley.edu225 McCone

Advisor:  Barbara Romanowicz

Education: MS 2014 (Geoscience) National Taiwan University; BSc 2012 (Earth Science) National Central University.
Research interests: Global seismology, tomography, ambient noise  


Rodrigo Chirodrigo.chi@berkeley.edu179 McCone Hall

Advisor: Bruce Buffett.

Education: B.S. (2014), Electrical engineering, Universidad de Chile. 

Research Interests: Geomagnetism, Tectonics. 


Robert Citronricitron@berkeley.edu269 McCone

Advisor:  Michael Manga

Research interests:  Planetary geodynamics, Mars

Anna Clingeraeclinger@berkeley.edu483 McCone

Advisors:  Don DePaolo and David Shuster

Education:  Joint BS/MS 2016 (Earth and Environmental Sciences) University of Michigan

Research interests:  Isotope geochemistry, earth surface processes, paleoclimate, the cryosphere

William Daviswilliamjsdavis@berkeley.edu169 McCone Hall

Advisor: Bruce Buffett
Education: MSci. (2017), Geophysics, University College London
Research Interests: 


Michelle Devoe
Matthew R Diamondmrdiamond@berkeley.edu255 McCone

Advisor: Raymond Jeanloz
Education: BS 2013 (Geochemistry) California Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Mineral physics, Planetary interiors, Metallization of salts under high pressure

Claire Doodyclaired@berkeley.edu289 McCone

Adviser: Richard Allen

Education: B.S., Geophysical Sciences and B.A., East Asian Languages and Civilizations (2018), University of Chicago

Research Interests: Seismic Tomography, Subduction Zone Dynamics

Isabel Fendleyisabel.fendley@berkeley.edu255 McCone

Education: B.Sc. 2015 (Honours in Planetary Science) McGill University

Advisor:  Paul Renne

Research interests: Stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, paleoclimate, mass extinctions


Advisor: Ronald Cohen

Education: B.S. Physics (2010) Harvey Mudd College, M.A.T. (2012) Tufts University

Research Interest: Atmospheric Chemistry

Tatiana Gamez

Advisor: Bill Dietrich
Research Interests: Geomorphology, Hydrology, Ecology

William Hawleywhawley@seismo.berkeley.edu289 McCone

Advisor: Richard Allen
Education: BA 2012 (Physics, Astrophysics) Harvard University
Research Interests: Seismology, subduction zones, geodynamics

Jiwoon Hwang
Jinsol Kimssori1508@berkeley.eduB47 Hildebrand

Advisor:  Ron Cohen

Education: BS 2013 (Energy Resources Engineering), Seoul National University; MS 2015 (Energy Resources Engineering), Seoul National University

Research Interest: Atmospheric Chemistry, Carbon Cycle
Dana Lapidesdanalapides@berkeley.edu455 McCone

Advisor:  Sally Thompson

BS 2015 (Math), Lafayette College

Research Interests:  Surface-water harvesting, ecohydrology, restoration, erosion

Tanis Leonharditcleonhardi@berkeley.edu269 McCone
Materials under extreme conditions, volcanology, planetary interiors, mechanical behavior of materials, magnetism, crystal growth
Education: Bachelor of Science 2015 (Geology and Geophysics, Mathematics minor), University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Other UC Berkeley Positions: Professional Development Liaison, GradPro, Graduate Division
Yuexin Liyuexinli@berkeley.edu289 McCone

Advisor: Roland Burgmann
Education: BS 2017 (Geophysics), Peking University
Research Interests: Earthquake Physics, Crustal deformation

Danielle Lindsay
Nate Lindsey179 McCone

Advisors:  Michael Manga, Doug Dreger
Education: BS 2010 (Alternative Energy & Sustainable Engineering), University of Rochester; MSc 2012 (Geophysics), University of Edinburgh
Research Interests: geophysical imaging, fiber optic sensors, geothermal systems, cryosphere

Jiabin Liujiabin@berkeley.edu301 McCone

atmospheric dynamics
Adviser: Inez Fung
Education: BS 2014(Applied Physics) California Institute of Technology
Research Interest: atmospheric dynamics

Patcharaporn Maneeratpmaneera31@berkeley.edu225 McCone Hall

Advisor: Roland Burgmann
Research Interests: Structural Geology and Active Tectonics
Education: BA 2017 Pitzer College - Majored Geology at Pomona College

Robert Martin-Shortrmartin-short@berkeley.edu225 McCone5106465606
 Subduction dynamics; teleseismic tomography of Alaska; mantle flow modeling

Advisors: Richard Allen, Mark Richards
Education: MSci Geophysics, Imperial College London, UK
Kathryn Maternakmaterna@berkeley.edu289 McCone

Advisor: Roland Burgmann
Education: BS 2014 (EAPS, Physics), MIT
Research Interests: Active tectonics, GPS

Runze Miaomiaorunze2011@berkeley.edu289 McCone

Advisor:  Bill Dietrich

Education: MS 2016 Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Interests:  Geomorphology, Meandering River, Sediment Transport

Tushar Mittaltmittal2@berkeley.eduMcCone 181

Planet Formation, Protoplanetary Disk Dynamics and Magma Physics.
Adviser : Mark Richards

Chris Moeckelchris.moeckel@berkeley.eduCampbell Hall 605N

Atmospheric Science, Space Exploration, Instrument Development

Susan Mullen
Quentin Nicolas
Yuem Parkyuempark@berkeley.edu355 McCone

Advisor:  Nick Swanson-Hysell

Education: AB 2015 (Geosciences) Princeton University

Research Interests: Stratigraphy, Paleoclimate, Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Sarina Patelsarina.patel@berkeley.edu225 McCone

Advisor: Richard Allen

Education: B.A. 2015 (Geology) Middlebury College

Research Interests: Seismology and earthquake hazards, Structural Health Monitoring, Seismicity-Volcano interactions, Applications for seismic data collected by smartphones (the MyShake project)

Erin Redwingeredwing@berkeley.edu269 McCone

Advisor: Imke de Pater

Education: BS in Geosciences (2018) - The Pennsylvania State University

Research interests: Planetary science, astrobiology

Mara H. Reedmhreed@berkeley.edu269 McCone

Constraints on geyser eruption behaviour, hydrothermal systems broadly defined, and citizen science as an avenue for public engagement and better research.

Advisor: Michael Manga

Education: B.S. in Physics, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (2018)


Advisor:  Barbara Romanowicz

Thomas J. Smarttsmart@berkeley.edu255 McCone

Advisor: Raymond Jeanloz
Research Interest: High Pressure Mineral Physics

Davina Spears
Heng-Yi Suhengyi_su@berkeley.edu173 McCone

Advisor:  Barbara Romanowicz

Education: MS 2019 (Geophysics) National Central University; BSc 2018 (Earth Sciences) National Central University.
Nathaniel Tarshish
Andrew Tholt

Advisor: Paul Renne

Research Interests: Ar/Ar Geochronology, U series Geochronology, Paleomagnetism

Andrew Turneracturner@berkeley.edu169 McCone

Advisors: Daniel Stolper and David Shuster

Education: BS 2017 (Chemistry) University of Florida

Research Interests: Isotope Geochemistry, Earth History, Thermochronometry, Methodology

Panod Viseshchitrapanodvis@berkeley.edu255 McCone

Advisor:  Rudy Wenk

Education:  BS 2009 (Chemistry), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Research interests:  Microstructures in construction materials, synchrotron X-ray techniques, Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Chelsea Willettcdw33@berkeley.edu169 McCone

Advisor: David Shuster
Education: BS 2011 (Geology and Geophysics) Yale University
Research Interests: Low-temperature thermochronology, helium diffusion kinetics, landscape evolution in Patagonia, nuclear forensics

Katie Wooddell201 McCone

Advisor:  Doug Dreger

Research Interests:  Seismic source studies, scaling, seismic hazard analysis

Jizhou Wuwjz8597@berkeley.edu355 McCone

Advisor:Burkhard Militzer&&Raymond Jeanloz

Education:BS(2017),Condensed Matter Physics,University of Science and Technology of China 

Research Interests:High-pressure experiments by Diamond Anvil Cell;Condensed Matter Physics;Density functional theory+Molecular Dynamics,PIMC;Melting Curve of Planetary Material;Formation of Planet 

Yiming Zhangyimingzhang@berkeley.edu1793238102226

Advisor: Nick Swanson-Hysell

BA Occidental College (Geology)

Research interests: Paleomagnetism

Qindan Zhuqindan_zhu@berkeley.eduB47 Hildebrand5108595792

Atmospheric science, Satellite and modeling