Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Near-Surface Geochemistry and Geobiology


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Tadesse Alemutadesse.alemu@berkeley.edu307 McCone Hall

Host: David Shuster and Nicholas Swanson-Hysell 

I am the UC President's postdoctoral fellow. I did my PhD at Oklahoma State University where I used field sedimentologic and structural, and remote sensing techniques to constrain the geodynamic evolution of an exhumed IntraCONtinental Sag (ICONS) basin.

Currently, I am doing a (U-Th)/He dating combined with paleomagnetic constraints to provide the necessary data for the testing of mechanisms for large scale exhumation following Neoproterozoic collisional orogenesis in the Arabian-Nubian Shield. Particularly, we are interested whether the extensive exhumation is related to Late Ordovician glaciation.

I am also interested in continental rifting and morphotectonics particularly in the East African Rift System.

Sarah Arvesonsmarveson@berkeley.eduLab: 243/245, 1E

I am an experimental high-pressure mineral physicist. My current research pursuits involve chemical mixing (and de-mixing) in planetary interiors and melting of materials at high pressures. I employ laser-heated diamond anvil cells and a variety of in-situ and ex-situ techniques to characterize material properties in order to understand planetary interiors.


Host: Michael Manga

Marie Bergelin

Host: Jill Banfield


I am interested in using meta-omics to reveal the in situ activities of microorganisms and phages (viruses that infecting Bacteria and Archaea) in natural and human-related microbiomes.

Advisor: Jill Banfield

Suhas Dasenahalli

Host: William Boos

Anton Ermakoveai@berkeley.eduMcCone 411

Host: Burkhard Militzer

I am interested in the formation and evolution of the Solar System bodies and the ways we can constrain planetary interiors by geophysical measurements.

Daniel Frostdafrost@berkeley.edu215 McCone Hall6028107064

deep Earth structure, mantle heterogeneity across scales, inner core anisotropy, outer core stratification, composition and chemistry of Earth materials, array methodology, Earth evolution.

Felipe Javier Gonzalez Cataldof_gonzalez@berkeley.edu407 McCone Hall

Host: Burkhard Militzer

Research Interests: Planetary interiors; high pressure physics; first-principles computer simulations techniques; molecular dynamics; equations of state.

Personal website:


Host: Jill Banfield


Host: Nicholas Swanson-Hysell


Host: Jill Banfield

Utpal Kumar

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Host: Jill Banfield

Diogo Louro Lourencodlourenco@berkeley.edu355 McCone Hall

Host: Michael Manga

Research interests: structure, dynamics and evolution of Earth and other terrestrial planets and moons as related to convective processes in the mantle, lithospheric dynamics and plate tectonics

Diogo's Google Scholar page


Host: Barbara Romanowicz


Host: Nicholas Swanson-Hysell

Federico Munchfmunch@berkeley.edu215 McCone Hall

Host: Prof. Barbara Romanowicz

Research interests:

- Probabilistic inverse methods
- Upper mantle and transition zone thermo-chemical structure
- Seismology
- Deep electromagnetic studies
- Mineral physics
- Mantle water content


Host: Jill Banfield

Baptiste Roussetrousset@berkeley.edu201 McCone Hall

Host: Roland Bürgmann

I am interested in geodetic observations (GPS and InSAR) to characterize the crustal deformation around subduction zones and large strike slip faults. I mainly focus on aseismic transient processes such as slow slip events and postseismic relaxation. webpage

Vishnu Sasidharan Nairvishnus@berkeley.edu391 McCone Hall

Host: Prof. William Boos


My research focuses on climate variability of monsoons and tropical storms. Investigating the interaction of tropical synoptic-scale systems and large scale ocean-atmospheric coupled systems is the general goal of my research.



Host: Jill Banfield


Environmental metagenomics, CRISPR technology, Machine Learning


Host: Jill Banfield


Host: Prof. Daniel Stolper

Research Interests: Terrestrial biogeochemistry, Paleoclimatology, Climate Change

Sean Wahlswahl@berkeley.edu407 McCone

Host: Burkhard Militzer

Planetary interiors and evolution. Simulation of planetary materials at extreme conditions. Gravity field and tidal response of giant planets.


Host: Roland Burgmann


Host: Daniel Stolper

Yuankun Xuyuankunx@berkeley.edu201 McCone Hall(972) 816-3258

Host: William Boos