Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Geophysics


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Alyssa Abbeyalabbey@berkeley.eduBGC

Host: David Shuster

Active Tectonics: mountain building and continental rifting, landscape evolution, low-temperature thermochronology, cosmogenic radionuclides 

Personal Website:

Tadesse Alemutadesse.alemu@berkeley.edu307 McCone Hall

Host: David Shuster and Nicholas Swanson-Hysell 

I am the UC President's postdoctoral fellow. I did my PhD at Oklahoma State University where I used field sedimentologic and structural, and remote sensing techniques to constrain the geodynamic evolution of an exhumed IntraCONtinental Sag (ICONS) basin.

Currently, I am doing a (U-Th)/He dating combined with paleomagnetic constraints to provide the necessary data for the testing of mechanisms for large scale exhumation following Neoproterozoic collisional orogenesis in the Arabian-Nubian Shield. Particularly, we are interested whether the extensive exhumation is related to Late Ordovician glaciation.

I am also interested in continental rifting and morphotectonics particularly in the East African Rift System.

Margaret Averymsavery@berkeley.eduMcCone 257

Paleomagnetism and geomagnetism, and study of Earth’s deep interior

  • The history of the geomagnetic field, and the origin of the geodynamo
  • What affects the quality of the data that make up the paleomagnetic record
  • What dynamical processes in the outer core and core/mantle interactions generate the observed behavior of the geomagnetic field at Earth’s surface
Nathan Brownnathan.brown@berkeley.edu487 McCone

Host: Prof. David Shuster

Research Interests: Low-temperature thermochronology, luminescence dating, geomorphology, active tectonics

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I am interested in using meta-omics to reveal the in situ activities of microorganisms and phages (viruses that infecting Bacteria and Archaea) in natural and human-related microbiomes.

Michael McCone 257

Host: Professor William Boos

Daniel Eldridgedanieleldridge@berkeley.eduMcCone 485

Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Anton Ermakoveai@berkeley.eduMcCone 485

Host: Burkhard Militzer

I am interested in the formation and evolution of the Solar System bodies and the ways we can constrain planetary interiors by geophysical measurements.

Daniel Frostdafrost@berkeley.edu215 McCone Hall6028107064

deep Earth structure, mantle heterogeneity across scales, inner core anisotropy, outer core stratification, composition and chemistry of Earth materials, array methodology, Earth evolution.

Xiaojing Furubyxfu@berkeley.eduMcCone 177

I am a geoscientist who is interested in understanding how multiphase fluid mechanics shape our natural environment. In pursuit of such knowledge, I pay special attention to the roles of fluid instability and thermodynamic-driven phase transitions.
My approach is often mathematical and computational and my primary tools are phase-field modeling and high-resolution numerical simulations. However, my work benefits tremendously from collaborations and conversations with experimentalists and field-going scientists.

My work is applied to a wide range of geoscience problems, including gas hydrate systems, volcanology, geologic carbon sequestration and hydrology.

Host: Michael Manga

Felipe Javier Gonzalez Cataldof_gonzalez@berkeley.edu485 McCone Hall

Host: Burkhard Militzer

Research Interests: Planetary interiors; high pressure physics; first-principles computer simulations techniques; molecular dynamics; equations of state.

Personal website:

Christine He
Eben Hodgin
Daniel Ibarradibarra@berkeley.edu485 McCone

Hosts: Daniel Stolper and Don DePaolo

I am a geochemist and climate scientist working on the water and carbon cycles in terrestrial environments. My work includes studying the response of past and present terrestrial landscapes to changes in climate using modeling approaches, geochemical measurements, and field observations. Broadly, I am interested in the role that Earth's continents play in modulating habitable surface conditions over geologic time and in using sediments to reconstruct past changes in weathering and hydrologic fluxes over Plio-Pleistocene to Phanerozoic timescales.

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Marysa Laguemlague@berkeley.eduMcCone 301

Host: Prof. William Boos

My research focusses on land-atmosphere interactions. In particular, I study how individual land surface properties associated with vegetation change (e.g. changes in albedo, evaporation, surface roughness, etc) drive changes in the atmosphere on both local and global scales, which then feed back on the climate experienced by the land surface.

Personal Website

Xiaojuan Liu
Max Lloydmklloyd@berkeley.edu485 McCone

Host: Professor Daniel Stolper 

Research interests: Clumped and position-specific isotope geochemistry of carbonates and organic compounds. Low-temperature metamorphism and organic matter maturation. The kinetics of isotope exchange reactions.

Diogo Louro Lourenco
Pierre Maffre
Paula Matheus Carnevali
Federico Munchfmunch@berkeley.edu215 McCone Hall

Host: Prof. Barbara Romanowicz

Research interests:

- Probabilistic inverse methods
- Upper mantle and transition zone thermo-chemical structure
- Seismology
- Deep electromagnetic studies
- Mineral physics
- Mantle water content

Jeff Prancevic
Nandini Ramesh
baptiste roussetrousset@berkeley.edu201 McCone Hall

Host: Roland Bürgmann

I am interested in geodetic observations (GPS and InSAR) to characterize the crustal deformation around subduction zones and large strike slip faults. I mainly focus on aseismic transient processes such as slow slip events and postseismic relaxation. webpage

Daniel Berkeley Geochronology Center

Host: Paul R. Renne

- application and development of 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, using nuclear physics as a geologist

- continental tectonics, metmorphism, brittle and ductile structures, petrochronology, India-Asia collision, syntax formation, subduction initiation, exhumation in subduction zones

Vishnu Sasidharan Nairvishnus@berkeley.edu391 McCone Hall

Host: Prof. William Boos


My research focuses on climate variability of monsoons and tropical storms. Investigating the interaction of tropical synoptic-scale systems and large scale ocean-atmospheric coupled systems is the general goal of my research.



Environmental metagenomics, CRISPR technology, Machine Learning

Perry Spector
Alexander Turneralexjturner@berkeley.edu301 McCone/B47 Hildebrand

Hosts: Ron Cohen & Inez Fung

Research interests: atmospheric chemistry, inverse modelling, and remote sensing.

Personal website:

Sean Wahlswahl@berkeley.edu407 McCone

Host: Burkhard Militzer

Planetary interiors and evolution. Simulation of planetary materials at extreme conditions. Gravity field and tidal response of giant planets.

Kang Wang
Patrick West
Michael Whittakerwhitta@berkeley.eduMcCone 419

Clay self assembly and defects

Clay/mineral interactions

Carbon Capture and Storage

Phase transformations

Persistent metastability