Earth and Planetary Science
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Name / Contact Host / Education / Research
Karthik Anantharaman
David Burstein
Cristina Butterfield
Cindy Castelle
Jesse A. Day
Spencer Diamondsdiamond@berkeley.eduEnergy Biosciences Building 4th Floor

Host: Prof. Jillian Banfield

Previously worked on Cyanobacterial metabolism and genomics. Currently working on how soil microbes affect global biogeochemical cycles and greehnouse gas turnover via multi-omics techniques.

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Kevin Driver
Matthew Ridge Road

Host: David Shuster
Research Interests: Using low-temperature thermochronometry, numerical models, and inverse methods to understand Earth's surface dynamics, Grand Canyon

Daniel Frostdafrost@berkeley.edu215 McCone Hall6028107064

deep Earth structure, mantle heterogeneity across scales, inner core anisotropy, outer core stratification, composition and chemistry of Earth materials, array methodology, Earth evolution.

Felipe Javier Gonzalez Cataldof_gonzalez@berkeley.edu485 McCone Hall

Host: Burkhard Militzer

Research Interests: Planetary interiors; high pressure physics; first-principles computer simulations techniques; equations of state.

Doug Hemingwaydjheming@berkeley.edu177 McCone

Host: Michael Manga

Research Interests: Planetary geophysics; shapes, gravity fields and interiors of planetary bodies, especially icy satellites; planetary magnetism, especially lunar magnetic anomalies and their interactions with the solar wind; space weathering.

Personal website:

Adi Lavy
Shufei Lei
Holly Lynn Maness

Host: William Dietrich

Research Interests: Quantitative geomorphology and earth surface processes, climatic, lithologic, biotic and abiotic controls on geomorphology and Critical Zone processes, paleoclimate influence on modern earth surface processes, landscape evolution modeling, lidar analysis 

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Paula Matheus Carnevali
Alexander J. Probst
Janire Prudenciojanire@berkeley.edu355 McCone Hall

Host: Michael Manga

Seismic tomographies in velocity, attentuation and scattering. Volcano-seismology. Study of seismic attenuation in heterogeneous regions.

Leslie Anne Rogers
baptiste roussetrousset@berkeley.edu215 McCone Hall

Host: Roland Bürgmann

I am interested in geodetic observations (GPS and InSAR) to characterise the crustal deformation around subduction zones and large strike slip faults. I mainly focus on aseismic transient processes such as slow slip events and postseismic relaxation.

Daniel Berkeley Geochronology Center

Host: Paul R. Renne

- application and development of 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, using nuclear physics as a geologist

- continental tectonics, metmorphism, brittle and ductile structures, petrochronology, India-Asia collision, syntax formation, subduction initiation, exhumation in subduction zones

Sarah Slotznicksslotz@berkeley.edu355 McCone

Host: Nicholas Swanson-Hysell

Earth history, Precambrian geology, geobiology, paleoenvironments, diagenesis, paleomagnetism, rock magnetism, X-ray spectroscopy, in-situ microbeam techniques.

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Francois Soubiran
Alka Tripathy-Langat7@berkeley.edu2455 Ridge Road

Host: David Shuster

Research interests: Noble gas thermochronology; geochronology; detrital studies; Himalayan tectonics; remote sensing; LA-ICPMS<

Barbara Tripoli

Faculty Host: Michael Manga

Michail Vrettas
Julie Wang307 McCone
Da Yangyangdapku@gmail.com177 McCone Hall

My research is to develop a unified understanding of how the tropical atmosphere works, and the key is to understand moist convection‒deep cumulus clouds and thunderstorms. My Ph.D. thesis was focused on the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), a planetary scale month-long rainfall pattern in the tropics. I am now thinking about convective phenomena at other temporal and spatial scales, including the mesoscale cloud clusters and the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ)

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Shuai Zhangshuai.zhang01@berkeley.edu411 McCone

Computational and experimental mineral physics; High pressure; Material science.

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