Earth and Planetary Science
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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)

 EPS is committed to take meaningful action against racism by being anti-racist.

We have a department strategic plan and mission statement that embraces inclusion and diversity and we must live up to those aspirations.

We must educate ourselves on these issues and ask: “what can I do to change our society?” and then  take concrete action. Now, a month from now, years from now, and decades from now.

Thanks to our dedicated cohort of EPS graduate students and in partnership with the Earth Sciences & Map Library, we are happy to provide a Library Guide with suggestions on how to increase and improve equity and inclusion in the geosciences.

A few other action items the department is engaging in:

  • We ensure that we have a diverse set of colloquium speakers and include seminars addressing diversity.
  • We have run open faculty searches in an attempt to get the most diverse pool of applicants we can.
  • Our faculty are engaged in DEIA efforts through scientific, professional and other non-profit societies and institutions including AGU, GSA, and the National Academy.
  • We acknowledge and disadvow the racist views of the founder of our department, Joseph LeConte.
  • We provide implicit bias training and cover the costs of antiracist reading material.
  • We are providing field equipment and outdoor wear for those who need financial help to engage in geoscience education and experiences. If you are a student in need of financial help or accommodations to fully participate in field components of an EPS course, please contact

If you would like to contribute to our efforts or have any questions please contact the department chair, Roland Bürgmann (

To submit anonymous concerns or comments to the EPS Chair and Manager, use this Anonymous Virtual Comment Box.  Complete the form while your browser is in incognito mode to ensure total anonymity.