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Jun 1, 2011
Paleontologist William B. N. Berry was a world expert on extinct, 400 million-year-old sea creatures, but he will be perhaps best remembered in the Bay Area as a champion of sustainability and for... [Read more]
Oct 1, 2011
UC Berkeley volcano expert Ian Carmichael has died at 81ByRobert Sanders |, (510) 643-69989/15/11Berkeley—... [Read more]
Oct 2, 2011
In a new 2011 ranking of Earth and Marine Science programs from around the world our department was considered #5!
Apr 2, 2012
Professor Romanowicz is being \"recognized as one of the most influential seismologists of our time, a leading scientist in global seismology and geodynamics whose work has illuminated the structure... [Read more]
Apr 2, 2012
Professor Barbara Romanowicz  received The Reid Medal at the April 17, 2012 annual meeting of the SSA in San Diego, California.The Harry F. Reid Medal, is the highest honor of the... [Read more]
Jun 1, 2012
ChronoZoom is an open-source community project dedicated to visualizing the history of everything. Big History is the attempt to understand, in a unified, interdisciplinary way, the history of cosmos... [Read more]
Aug 1, 2012
Canadian Coast Guard Ship John P Tully returned to it\'s Vancouver Island, British Columbia, port after 16 days at sea surveying carbon-dioxide, ocean biology, and related properties in the waters... [Read more]