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May 2, 2008
The following classes are being offered this summer:EPS C12: The PlanetsEPS 20: Earthquakes in your backyard.EPS 80: Environmental Earth SciencesEPS C82: Introduction to Oceans
Sep 1, 2008
The Federation of American Scientists have honored Professor Raymond Jeanloz with the prestigious Hans Bethe Award for his demonstration of the reliability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile in the... [Read more]
Oct 1, 2008
Walter Alvarez has won this year\'s Vetlesen Prize, considered one of the highest honors in earth sciences, and carrying an award of $250K. The award is for his discovery of a meteor impact at the... [Read more]
Nov 1, 2008
G.W. Collins Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory November 24, 2008 4:30 pm 1 LeConte Tea at 4pm in the 3rd floor breezeway between Birge and Le Conte Recreating Core... [Read more]
Dec 1, 2009
Italy\'s mountains, from the Apennines to the Alps, have fascinated University of California, Berkeley, geologist Walter Alvarez for more than 35 years, resulting in a new book, \"The Mountains of... [Read more]
Dec 2, 2008
A new simulation of Jupiter\'s interior predicts a large rocky core surrounded by methane, water and ammonia ices, with hardly any ice in the hydrogen and helium atmosphere that makes up 95 percent... [Read more]
Jan 1, 2009
If smog were a kitchen creation, the recipe would go something like this: Start with a miasma of organic hydrocarbons from spilled gasoline, incomplete combustion and trees. Add nitrogen oxides from... [Read more]
Feb 1, 2009
Raymond Jeanloz and Lars Stixrude (an alumnus of this department) received the prestigious Cozzarelli Prize for the most exceptional paper in physical and mathematical sciences published in ... [Read more]
Mar 1, 2009
A newly laid, 32-mile underwater cable finally links the state\'s only seafloor seismic station with the University of California, Berkeley\'s seismic network, merging real-time data from west of the... [Read more]