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Apr 2, 2008
The award honors George D. Louderback, Professor of Geology at Berkeley from the 1920s to the 1950s. The award recognizes students who have distinguished themselves both academically and as... [Read more]
Apr 3, 2008
Jim Watkins was awarded this year's Charles Meyer fellowship for his outstanding research accomplishments. Professor Meyer was an eminent faculty member specializing in ore deposits and starting the... [Read more]
Apr 4, 2008
Bill Cassata, first year PhD student, is this year's winner of the Turner Fellowship competition. This departmental fellowship, established in honor of former faculty member Professor Francis J.... [Read more]
Apr 6, 2008
This prize is given annually to a faculty member in the physical, chemical and mathematical sciences who has demonstrated excellence in undergraduate teaching. Congratulations Richard, this is well-... [Read more]
Apr 7, 2008
The 40th reunion is coming up! Please check out the information here... [Read more]
May 1, 2008
Summer Joi Ohlendorf, Geophysics Major, has been selected by the EPS faculty for the 2008 Department Citation (class valedictorian) in recognition of distinguished undergraduate... [Read more]
May 2, 2008
The following classes are being offered this summer:EPS C12: The PlanetsEPS 20: Earthquakes in your backyard.EPS 80: Environmental Earth SciencesEPS C82: Introduction to Oceans
Sep 1, 2008
The Federation of American Scientists have honored Professor Raymond Jeanloz with the prestigious Hans Bethe Award for his demonstration of the reliability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile in the... [Read more]