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EPS Undergraduate Student Jessica Kendall-Bar and Her Third Expedition at Sea Highlighted in UC Berkeley News

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Earth & Planetary Science Department undergraduate senior student Jessica Kendall-Bar is taking part in her third expedition at sea aboard the USS Oceanus. Kendall-Bar is majoring in marine science in the EPS Department, which gives her the opportunity to work at sea with Professor James Bishop on how carbon dioxide is sequestered in the oceans. Kendall-Bar is a UC Regents scholar at Berkeley planning to graduate December 2016. Kendall-Bar is writing her honors thesis, after utiliizing the Charles H. Ramsden Endowed Fund to travel to Russia and conduct electrophysiological sleep recordings in two fur seals at the Utrish Marine Mammal Station.

The scientific team is highlighted in the article "A floating classroom for students" in the research, science and environment section of UC Berkeley News. To read more on the oceanic expedition in the full-length article, please click here.

(Note: photo above shows Kendall-Bar on the left and EPS doctoral student Hannah Bourne on the right. Berkeley Lab photo by Sarah Yang).