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Feb 14, 2019
The Goldschmidt Award is given for major achievements in geochemistry or cosmochemistry, consisting of either a single outstanding contribution, or a series of publications that have had great... [Read more]
Feb 7, 2019
Each year since 1907, the Academic Senate has recognized two representatives from our distinguished faculty to share their research in a public lecture hosted by the Chancellor.  This is the... [Read more]
Jan 22, 2019
According to ThoughtCo, a premier reference site with a 20+ year focus on expert-created education content, the... [Read more]
Jan 17, 2019
With a new collaborative article with EPS Professor Burkhard Militzer published in Science today, gravity... [Read more]
Jan 7, 2019
New research led by EPS Postdoctoral Fellow Sarah Slotznick documents magnetic evidence of oxygenation in a lake during the Proterozoic Eon. In the early history of life on Earth,... [Read more]
Jan 6, 2019
The American Meteorological Society is sponsoring a full day symposium in honor of EPS faculty member Inez Fung and her scientific contributions. The symposium description is as follows: ... [Read more]
Oct 19, 2018
UC Berkeley geophysicist Michael Manga is leveraging Big Data and Earth science to explore whether there is life elsewhere in our solar system.... [Read more]
Sep 25, 2018
The International Standing Committee for Thermochronology awards the Charles and Nancy Naeser Prize annually to early career scientists who have made outstanding and innovative contributions in... [Read more]
Sep 24, 2018
Solid silicates (blue line) are semi-conductors that have excitation gap (green region). Liquid silicates (red line) have no gap and are thus semi-metals. They conduct electricity reasonably well.... [Read more]
Sep 11, 2018
Lunar swirls called Reiner Gamma photographed from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter by its Narrow Angle Camera. (NASA/GSFC/ASU) Article By... [Read more]