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Graduate Student Chris Johnson Discusses Link between Seismicity and Increased Rainfall

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Chris Johnson was interviewed on San Francisco Bay Area ABC 7 News to discuss the possible relationship between weather cycles and seismic activity. He noted that Berkeley seismologists do not think there is a link between increased rainfall and seimicity butt there is more observed seimicity in the summer months indicating is an unloading of the crust. Chris Johnson has been focusing on smaller earthquakes, Magnitude 2 and Magnitude 3 earthquakes in the Berkeley Department of Earth & Planetary Science.

Chris Johnson is a doctoral student working with Professor Roland Burgmann. Chris is interested in active tectonics, rheology, and seismology. He received his bachelors' of science at George Institute of Technology.

For the news article and video on ABC 7 News' website, please click here.