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Join Us for Cal Day! Saturday, April 22nd 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

We have an exciting day of events for Cal Day on Saturday, April 22nd.  Come by McCone Hall between 9am-4pm for a variety of activities and presentations!

Cal Day 2017: Saturday, April 22nd @ 3pm, 141 McCone Hall; Presentation by Richard Allen: Earthquake Warning: New Technology to Reduce this Harmful Threat
McCone Hall Rocks!
9am-4pm | Floors 1 & 3, McCone Hall
Wander our halls and explore rock and mineral displays (1st and 3rd floors), faculty profile posters, and photos from space. Visit our activities in the McCone Plaza. Take part in activities with professors and students throughout the day!
9am-4pm | Front Entrance, McCone Hall
Come and see our rock display, fondly known to students as McConeHenge, in the front entrance of McCone Hall!
Rocks of the Greater Bay Area and the Stories They Tell
9am-3pm | McCone Plaza, McCone Hall
The Northern California Geological Society ( is a professional organization that promotes education in the earth sciences. We will have rocks and fossils from the Greater Bay Area that illustrate the amazing and multifarious geological processes and events, and a few human ones as well, that have taken place here in our own 'backyard.'
Student to Student: Open House
10am-3pm | Lobby, McCone Hall
Undergraduates answer questions about student life and the six Earth and Planetary Science majors: Atmospheric Science, Environmental Earth Science, Geology, Geophysics, Marine Science and Planetary Science.
10am-3pm | McCone Plaza, McCone Hall
Discover what can make soil behave like a liquid during an earthquake, learn how you can get prepared for a damaging earthquake, and talk to our graduate students about their earthquake science research. Get your Science@Cal Passport stamped here!
Take the World for a Spin
11am, 1pm, 2pm | Earth Sciences & Map Library, McCone Hall
Come check out the Earth Science & Map Library! We'll have demos of our new digital globe at 11 a.m. and at 1 and 2 p.m. We also have one of the largest map collections in California. This is a stop on the Library Passport!
Using Crystals to Deciper Volcanic Eruptions
11am-11:30am | 141 McCone Hall
Presented By: Tanis C. Leonhardi, Graduate Student
Volcanoes play a fundamental role linking dynamics in the deep Earth to Earth’s surface, atmosphere, and oceans. Eruptions release gases that influence climate both locally and globally and produce hazards to society, such as lahars and ash plumes. One way to study how and why volcanoes erupt is through understanding the textures of crystals grown in the volcanic system. In this talk I will discuss how crystals are used to understand volcanic eruptions and what different textures tell us about volcanic processes.
California and the Big One: What is Fact, and What is Fiction?
11:30am-12pm | 141 McCone Hall
Presented By: William Hawley, Graduate Student
Everyone has heard of the Big One, but what do we actually know about it, and what should we expect? Join us to find out why earthquakes happen in California, what we know—and what we don’t—about the biggest earthquakes, and a few simple things you can do to make yourself a safer California resident.
Observing the Marine Biological Carbon Pump
12:30pm-1pm | 141 McCone Hall
Presented By: Hannah Bourne, Graduate Student
The biological carbon pump (BCP) is the process by which carbon taken up by plants in the ocean surface layer is exported into deeper regions of the ocean. With increasing atmospheric CO2, we need to understand the BCP cycle. Autonomous profiling floats allow us to gather information on the BCP on a much higher frequency than previous methods.
Earth Science Opportunities at Cal
1pm-1:30pm | 141 McCone Hall
Presented By: Geological Association at Berkeley
The Geological Association at Berkeley is an undergraduate student organization open to all students interested in the earth sciences! We will discuss our experiences as EPS students at Cal, including research opportunities and club activities, and will answer questions for prospective and admitted students.
Ocean Society Presents: Marine Science at Berkeley!
1:30pm-2pm | 141 McCone Hall
Presented By: Ocean Society
Join us to learn about the marine science major, marine science classes, and summer classes, as well as research opportunities such as cruises and scientific diving. We'll also talk a little about the ocean community at Cal and our club, Ocean Society.
The Jigsaw Puzzle of the Earth’s Tectonic Plates
2pm-2:30pm | 141 McCone Hall
Presented By: Nicholas Swanson-Hysell, Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Science
Learn how Earth's continents have move through time and how Berkeley scientists are working to reconstruct their position. Past positions of continents will be shown on a digital globe.
Earthquake Warning: New Technology to Reduce this Harmful Threat
3pm-3:30pm | 141 McCone Hall
Presented By: Richard Allen, Director of the Berkeley Seismology Lab and Chair & Professor of EPS
We can now provide warnings before earthquakes.  Hear how we can  provide enough warning to take cover under a sturdy table, slow and stop trains, isolate hazardous machinery and chemicals at work, and thereby reduce damage and injuries.  Warnings are now being generated in California, and using new smartphone technology they will soon be available around the world.