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Mark Thiemens To Kick Off First EPS Seminar Of The Fall

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The first EPS seminar of the semester will take place on Thursday, 8/24 at 4pm in 141 McCone.

Our speaker will be Mark Thiemens from UCSD and is one of this year's awardees for a Visiting Miller Professorship (Chemistry department).

Mark's talk will be on the "Newest Results in Mass Independent Isotope Processes and Applications to Meteoritic Oxygen Isotopes".

There will be coffee and tea downstairs before the seminar and refreshments will be served following the seminar on the 5th-floor balcony of McCone. 

This is great opportunity to learn more about the speaker, their research, and the EPS department.

First year and early graduate students are highly encouraged to join.