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Jan 12, 2017
        Mark Richards, Walter Alvarez, Stephen Self, Paul Renne, Michael Manga, and Courtney Sprain co-wrote "Triggering of the largest Deccan eruptions by the... [Read more]
Jan 11, 2017
David Shuster is co-author of “Miocene development of alpine glacial relief in the Patagonian Andes, as revealed by low-temperature thermochronometry.” The article comes out in Volume 460, 15... [Read more]
Jan 10, 2017
Michael Manga and Chi-Yuen Wang are first and second authors, respectively, of “Increased stream discharge after the 3 September 2016 Mw 5.8 Pawnee, Oklahoma earthquake.” The article came out on 22... [Read more]
Jan 9, 2017
Chi-Yuen Wang is second author of “Mechanism of the Coseismic Change of Volumetric Strain in the Far Field of Earthquakes.” The article came out November 2016 in the Bulletin of the Seismological... [Read more]
Jan 6, 2017
Michael Manga and Chi-Yuen Wang are co-authors of “Regional changes in streamflow after a megathrust earthquake.” The new article comes out in Volume 458, 15 January 2017 of Earth and Planetary... [Read more]
Jan 5, 2017
Donald DePaolo is co-author of a new article entitled “Additive effects of acidification and mineralogy on calcium isotopes in Triassic/Jurassic boundary limestones.” The manuscript was accepted... [Read more]
Jan 11, 2017
David Burstein, Alexander Probst, Karthik Anantharaman, Brian Thomas, Jillian Banfield and others are co-authors of an article in the 22 December 2016 issue of Nature. The piece is entitled “New... [Read more]
Jan 3, 2017
Professor Jillian Banfield is co-author of a new article in Pancreas: Journal of Neuroendocrine Tumors and Pancreatic Diseases and Sciences. The paper, “Disturbances of the Perioperative Microbiome... [Read more]
Dec 23, 2016
Ronald Cohen is co-author of a research paper in the December 2016 edition of the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. The article is entitled “Testing Atmospheric Oxidation in an Alabama... [Read more]
Dec 23, 2016
Professor Ronald Cohen published new research in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. The article, “Effects of Daily Metereology on the Interpretation of Space-Based Remote... [Read more]