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Nov 27, 2017
The Earth and Planetary Science seminar series presents:Kristen FauriaUC Berkeley Exit SeminarHow far, how fast, and how long? Dynamics of pyroclastic density currents and submarine eruptions.... [Read more]
Nov 20, 2017
Earth and Planetary Science Professors Ronald Cohen and Paul Renne elected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as fellows, the historical scientific society and... [Read more]
Nov 13, 2017
Staff, Scientists, and Graduate Students from the Earth and Planetary Science Sister Agency (The Berkeley Seismology Lab) operated a well-attended booth at the 2017 Bay Area Science Festival... [Read more]
Nov 13, 2017
Seawater chemistry may have influenced the exchange of elements between oceans and Earth throughout historyby Christina Procopiou on November 10, 2017 Scientists who study how persistent heat... [Read more]
Nov 13, 2017
Save The Date!!!The World Famous Santa Barbara's Day 2017 Will Be Thursday, December 7 from 4-6:30 pm @ Alumni House on campus (across from Zellerbach Playhouse and the Recreational Sports... [Read more]
Nov 13, 2017
The Earth and Planetary Science seminar series presents:Amala MahadevanWHOIThe ocean’s dynamic sequestration of biologically produced carbonThursday, November 16th4:00 p.m., 141 McCone  If... [Read more]
Nov 9, 2017
 Staff from the Berkeley Seismology Lab (sister agency of the Earth and Planetary Science department) gave an informative lecture about the necessity of creating a Go-Bag in the event of a major... [Read more]
Nov 9, 2017
The Earth and Planetary Science department had a strong showing at the 2017 Letters and Science Major Exploration Fair.Held at the Pauley Ballroom on campus, EPS Undergraduate advisor Nadine Elena,... [Read more]
Nov 6, 2017
The Earth and Planetary Science Seminar Series Presents:Kari CooperUC DavisA world in a grain of sand: Insights into magma reservoirs from volcanic crystalsThursday, November 9th4:00 p.m., 141 McCone... [Read more]
Nov 3, 2017
Early risers in the Bay Area on October 17 were treated to a beautiful sight-the planets Venus and Mars rising in the eastern sky with the Moon.Despite the heavy accumulation of particulates in the... [Read more]