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Feb 25, 2016
EPS Professor Kristie Boering and collaborators published an article this month in Geophysical Research Letters. The publication, "Measurements and Modeling of Contemporary Radiocarbon in the... [Read more]
Feb 5, 2016
UC Berkeley professor Roland Burgmann and Robert Nadeau, Berkeley Seismological Lab research seismologist, are co-authors in the Jan. 29, 2016 "Science" article, in which they find that large... [Read more]
Feb 2, 2016
Richard Allen, professor and chair of the EPS department and director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, is at the White House today to celebrate the congressional appropriation of 8.2 M in... [Read more]
Nov 5, 2015
"This is the first time we've been able to map out the flow of mantle across an entire plate, so as to understand plate tectonics on a grand scale," said Richard Allen, a professor and chair of earth... [Read more]
Oct 19, 2015
"Volcanoes in India began spweing more magma around the time an asteroid hit Earth 66 milllion years ago. These eruptions and te asteroid impact both contributed to the mass extinction that killed... [Read more]
Oct 9, 2015
"Massive eruptions formed the Deccan Traps flood basalts in India at around the same time as the mass extinction event 65 million years ago. Renne et al. precisely dated the massive volcanic... [Read more]
Oct 2, 2015
"Sanne Cottaar will receive the 2015 Keiiti Aki Young Scientist Award at the 2015 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, to be held 14-18 December in San Francisco, California. The award recognizes... [Read more]
Jun 19, 2015
EPS Professor Jill Banfield led a team that discovered a large number of new groups or phyla of bacteria. The more than 35 new phyla equal in number all the plant and animal phyla combined. About... [Read more]
Apr 16, 2015
Please visit McCone Hall during Cal Day 2015! You could view our Earth and Planetary Science events... [Read more]
Mar 5, 2015
Scientists have observed an increase in carbon dioxide’s greenhouse effect at the Earth’s surface for the first time. The researchers, led by William Collins and colleagues from Berkeley Lab,... [Read more]