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Mar 10, 2017
Spencer Diamond is first author of “Redox crisis underlies conditional light–dark lethality in cyanobacterial mutants that lack the circadian regulator, RpaA.” The article came out on January 24,... [Read more]
Mar 9, 2017
First year Berkeley Ph.D. student Anna Clinger (right) and former EPS postdoc Matt Fox (left) left a few days ago to go to Antartica to collect offshore sediment samples on an NSF-funded project. The... [Read more]
Mar 8, 2017
Elizabeth Niespolo (pictured) and Paul Renne are co-authors of “First integrated tephrochronological record for the last ∼190 kyr from the Fucino Quaternary lacustrine succession, central Italy... [Read more]
Mar 7, 2017
Susan Spaulding Brian Thomas, Andrea Singh, Alexander Probst, and Jillian Banfield (pictured) are co-authors of “Proteogenomic analyses indicate bacterial methylotrophy and archaeal heterotrophy are... [Read more]
Mar 6, 2017
Daniel Rutte is first author of “Building the Pamir-Tibet Plateau—Crustal stacking, Extensional Collapse, and Lateral Extrusion in the Central Pamir: 2. Timing and Rates.” The article was accepted on... [Read more]
Mar 3, 2017
Felipe Orellana-Rovirosa and Mark Richards are authors of “Rough vs. Smooth Topography along Oceanic Hotspot Tracks: Observations and Scaling Analysis.” The article came out in Volume 44, Issue 3 16... [Read more]
Mar 2, 2017
Elizabeth Mitnick (pictured) and Donald DePaolo are co-authors of “Evaluation of accessible mineral surface areas for improved prediction of mineral reaction rates in porous media.” The article is... [Read more]
Feb 28, 2017
Chris Johnson was interviewed on San Francisco Bay Area ABC 7 News to discuss the possible relationship between weather cycles and seismic activity. He noted that Berkeley seismologists do not think... [Read more]
Feb 28, 2017
Roland Bürgmann is co-author of “Toward full exploitation of coherent and incoherent information in Sentinel-1 TOPS data for retrieving surface displacement: Application to the 2016 Kumamoto (Japan)... [Read more]
Feb 27, 2017
David Burstein, Alexander Probst, Karthik Anantharaman, Brian Thomas and Jillian Banfield are co-authors of “New CRISPR-Cas Systems from Uncultivated Microbes.” The research letter came out in the... [Read more]