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The Earth and Planetary Science seminar series presents: John Higgins

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Earth and Planetary Science Seminar Series Presents:

John Higgins


What do ancient shallow water carbonate sediments tell us about the global carbon cycle?

Thursday, October 26th

4:00 p.m., 141 McCone


If you would like to meet or go to lunch or dinner with the speaker please contact Yuem Park ( or myself (dstolper@berkeley.du)


Refreshments will be available before the seminar on the ground floor at 3:45 p.m. and a reception will follow the seminar on the balcony of McCone (5th floor).

***John will also be around on Friday morning and will give a special bonus seminar at 11:00 on Friday (location TBD) entitled "Snapshots of Early and Mid Pleistocene Climate from Shallow Ice Cores in the Allan Hills, East Antarctica”***

Upcoming speakers:


11/02 — Jacob Edman, UC Berkeley
Convection and gravity waves in the tropical atmosphere (Exit Seminar)
11/09 — Kari Cooper, UC Davis: 
A world in a grain of sand: Insights into magma reservoirs from volcanic crystals