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Earth and Planetary Science Students Take To The Field To Study Science

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Earth and Planetary Science Students Take The To Field To Study Science

Earth and Planetary Science students in EPS 101 and 115 out and about in the Bay Area studying field geology, digital mapping, and stratigraphy.

EPS 101 teachs students about geological mapping, field observation, and problem-solving in the Berkeley hills and environs leading to original interpretation of geological processes and history from stratigraphic, structural, and lithological investigations. Integration of the Berkeley hills geology into the Coast Ranges and California as a whole through field trips to key localities. Training in digital field mapping, global positioning systems, and laser surveying.

EPS 115 teaches students about collecting, analyzing, and presenting stratigraphic data; dating and correlating sedimentary rocks; recognizing ancient environments and reconstructing Earth history; seismic and sequence stratigraphy; event stratigraphy and neocatastrophism; applications of stratigraphy to climate change, petroleum geology, and archaeology. 

These field trips allow students to obtain valuable real-world experience in the science world.

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