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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Latest Revision: July 2021

Web servers, including the web server for this website, typically collect, at least temporarily, the following information: Internet Protocol (IP) address of computer being used; web pages requested; referring web page; browser used; date and time. We may use browser-ip-address information for protecting the integrity of our servers (security).

Google Analytics

The Department of Earth & Planetary Science at the University of California, Berkeley uses Google Analytics to capture and analyze web statistics. Google Analytics is a cookie-based analytics program that uses cookies to track website activity. Google Analytics typically collects, at least temporarily, the following information: Network Location; Hostname; web pages requested; referring web page; browser used; screen resolution; date and time. No personal information is stored within cookies. EPS does not associate this data to individual user identities.  Cookies can be disabled within a browser's preference or option menu.

For more information about Google Analytics, see Google Privacy Center - Privacy Policy.

CalNet Log In

In addition to the IP address/browser information collected from anonymous visitors to the site, other information is collected and stored when users log in to view restricted content or submit forms. Specifically, the following information is collected from CalNet and mapped to a locally created account:

  • CalNet Display Name (usually first and last name as: First LAST)

  • CalNet UID

  • CalNet directory email address


Social Media

Playing our embedded YouTube Videos, or sharing content to Instagram or Facebook via an embedded widget on our site, may result in tracking from these third-party sites.