Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Near-Surface Geochemistry and Geobiology

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degreesort ascending Year Major Current Position Thesis Topic
Polly Brown B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
Gerald Frost B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
Michael Gerstein B.A. 2001 *Earth Sciences
Linda Tsukamoto B.A. 1980 *Earth Sciences
Edward Costomiris B.A. 1977 *Earth Sciences
Carol Martin B.A. 1994 *Earth Sciences
Jerri Saso B.A. 1979 *Earth Sciences
Erica Stanton B.A. 1998 *Earth Sciences
Paul Templet B.A. 1985 *Earth Sciences
Melane Nock-Salgado B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
Bryan Kriens B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
Kou-San Ju B.A. 2001 *Earth Sciences
Karen Zizzo B.A. 1980 *Earth Sciences
James Lekas B.A. 1977 *Earth Sciences
Jennifer Ramirez B.A. 1994 *Earth Sciences
Barbara Stucki B.A. 1979 *Earth Sciences
Marilyn Tiaven B.A. 1967 *Earth Sciences
Lesley Yeary B.A. 1985 *Earth Sciences
Neil Summer B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences