Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Geophysics

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Positionsort descending Thesis Topic
Amos Hodgson B.A. 2008 Environmental Earth Science
Sargent Reynolds B.A. 1937 Geology
Warren Hughes B.A. 1947 Geology
Thomas Newell B.A. 1962 Geology
Charles Bacon B.A. 1958 Geology
Gary Ericson B.A. 1967 Geology
Mauricio Escobar B.A. 1995 *Earth Sciences The geology of Hunter
Dale Duley B.A. 1955 Geology
Frank Muramoto B.A. 1980 Geology
Susan Hough B.A. 1982 Geophysics
Michael Kruge Ph.D. 1985 Geology Organic geochemistry and comparative diagenesis : Miocene Monterey Formation, Lost Hills Oil Field and vicinity, West San Joaquin Basin, California
Robin Barber B.A. 1987 Geology
Donald Henriksen B.A. 1950 Geology
Steven Stiles M.A. 1972 Geophysics
Barbara John B.A. 1978 Geology
David Janecky B.A. 1975 Geology
James Wilson B.A. 1959 Geology
Mark Panning Ph.D. 2004 Geophysics
Akiko To Ph.D. 2007 Geophysics Elastic and viscoelastic properties of the solid earth using normal mode based and numerical methods in 1D and in 3D
V Blonski B.A. 1939 Geology
Ruth Schassberger B.A. 1949 Geology
Peter Wygle B.A. 1956 Geology
Richard Nielsen Ph.D. 1964 Geology Geology of the Pilot Mountains and vicinity, Mineral County, Nevada
Irene Leung Ph.D. 1969 Geology An optical and x-ray analysis of deformation tructures in diopside
John Dayvault B.A. 1954 Geology
Andrew Yu B.A. 1993 Geophysics
Mark Burton B.A. 1980 Geophysics
Roman DiBiase B.A. 2005 Geophysics
Clifford Woo B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
Matthew Mauldon B.A. 1985 Geology