Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Atmosphere, Oceans, and Climate

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Positionsort descending Thesis Topic
Andrew Moshoian M.A. 1994 Geology
Douglas Kern B.A. 1980 Geophysics
Donald McLaughlin M.A. 1954 Geology Geology of the Warthan Canyon-upper Jacalitos Creek District, Fresno County, California
Leslie Chau B.A. 1982 Geophysics
Robert Saultz B.A. 1951 Geology
James Wilson B.A. 1959 Geology
Keefe Reuther B.A. 2003 Geology
Lesley Yeary B.A. 1985 *Earth Sciences
Matthew Morgan B.A. 1989 *Earth Sciences
Paul Studemeister B.A. 1977 Geology
Robert Harris B.A. 1923 Geology
Clyde Eyer B.A. 1949 Geophysics
Brandon Russell B.A. 2009 Atmospheric Science
Heather MacDonald B.A. 1972 Geology
Steven Suess B.A. 1964 Geophysics
Ralph Branch M.A. 1969 Geology
Thomas Iwamura B.A. 1957 Geology
Anthony Lomax Ph.D. 1992 Geophysics The waveray method for approximating broadband wave propagation through complex, inhomogeneous media
Mitchell Che M.S. 1981 Geology
Robert Leamer B.A. 1953 Geology
Charles Boardman B.A. 1959 Geology
Shannon Couch B.A. 2000 *Earth Sciences
Polly Brown B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
Maisie Fong B.A. 1985 Geology
Elizabeth Davies Hudson M.A. 1986 Geology The stratigraphic and structural rellationships of the Miocene and Pliocene formations of the Petaluma Valley area of California
Robert Miller B.A. 1979 *Earth Sciences
Joan Delany M.A. 1976 Geology Calculation of the thermodynamics of dehydration in subducting oceanic crust to 100kb and 800C
Arthur Huey Ph.D. 1940 Geology The geology of the Tesla quadrangle of middle California
Justin Schaefer M.A. 2012 Earth and Planetary Science
David Davis B.A. 1960 Geology