Earth and Planetary Science
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Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Positionsort descending Thesis Topic
William Desormier B.A. 1973 Geology
Brian Hausback Ph.D. 1984 Geology Cenozoic volcanic and tectonic evolution of Baja California Sur, Mexico
Robert Nadeau Ph.D. 1995 Geophysics Characterization and application of microearthquake clusters to problems of scaling, fault zones dynamics, and seismic monitoring at Parkfield, California
Alan Lattanner B.A. 1972 Geology
Howard Young B.A. 1952 Geology
D Oke B.A. 1979 Geology
James Wallace M.S. 1978 Geology A structure refinement of six metamorphic cordierites
Paul Renne Ph.D. 1986 Geology Permian to jurassic tectonic evolution of the Eastern Klamath Mountains, California
Gordon Herreid M.A. 1958 Geology
Matthew Morton B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
William Kohler M.A. 1975 Geophysics
Thure Cerling Ph.D. 1977 Geology Paleochemistry of Plio-Pleistocene Lake Turkana and diagenesis of its sediments
Misato Araki B.A. 2002 Geology
Jon Galehouse Ph.D. 1966 Geology Provenance and paleocurrents of the Paso Robles Formation
Ernest Burroughs B.A. 1960 Geology
Richard Lancie B.A. 1940 Geology
Robert Parsons B.A. 1933 Geology
Olivier Fri B.A. 2009 Marine Science
Gregory Eager B.A. 1984 Geophysics
Jennifer Ramirez B.A. 1994 *Earth Sciences
Frank Simpson B.A. 1968 Geophysics
George Liao B.A. 1971 Geophysics
Melvin Meyer B.A. 1959 Geology
Jeffrey Johnson Ph.D. 1988 Geology The sedimentology, paleohydrology, and paleogeography of the brushy basin member, Morrison formation in the Henry Basin, Wayne and Garfield Counties, Utah
Stephen Korbay B.A. 1957 Geology
Andre Lehre Ph.D. 1982 Geology Sediment mobilization and production from a small mountain catchment : Lone Tree Creek, Marin County, California
John Cochran B.A. 1952 Geology
Kenneth Casaday M.A. 1967 Geophysics
Adel Zohdy M.A. 1962 Geophysics
Manuel Bonilla B.A. 1943 Geology