Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Near-Surface Geochemistry and Geobiology

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degreesort ascending Year Major Current Position Thesis Topic
William Bakun Ph.D. 1970 Geophysics Body wave spectra and crustal structure: an application to the San Francisco Bay Region
Lary Burns Ph.D. 1970 Geology Petrogenesis and chemistry of cordierite and associated minerals in contact metamorphic rocks
Garry Lowder Ph.D. 1970 Geology Studies in volcanic petrology
Roger Stewart Ph.D. 1970 Geophysics Shock wave compression and the earth's core
Robert Barker Ph.D. 1971 Geology The formation of sulfides in the basal zone of the Stillwater intrusion, Montana
Francis Brown Ph.D. 1971 Geology Volcanic petrology of the Toro-Ankole region, western Uganda
Jonathan Bushee Ph.D. 1971 Geology Geochronological and petrographic studies of alkaline rocks from southern Brazil
James Dewey Ph.D. 1971 Geophysics Seismicity studies with the method oof joint hypocenter determination
Lawrence Drake Ph.D. 1971 Geophysics The propagation of Love and Rayleigh waves in non-horizontally layered media
Anthony Qamar Ph.D. 1971 Geophysics Seismic wave velocity in the earth's core : a study of PKP and PKKP
Andrei Sarna-Wojcicki Ph.D. 1971 Geology Correlation of late Cenozoic pyroclastic deposits in the central coast ranges of California
John Stormer Ph.D. 1971 Geology The volcanic petrology of northeastern New Mexico
George Brimhall Ph.D. 1972 Geology Early hydrothermal wall-rock alteration at Butte, Montana
Alfredo Eisenberg Ph.D. 1972 Geophysics Observations on body wave amplitudes and their implication concerning the structure of the earth
Kenneth Howard Ph.D. 1972 Geology Pyrophyllite-topaz alteration in the ore deposit at Butte, Montana
Othis Huffman Ph.D. 1972 Geology Upper Miocene geology, displacement of the late Miocene rocks, and the history of slip along the San Andreas Fault in central California
Ernest Kendall Ph.D. 1972 Geology Trend orebodies of the Section 27 mine, Ambrosia Lake uranium district, New Mexico
Yousif Kharaka Ph.D. 1972 Geology Simultaneous flow of water and solutes through geological membranes : experimental and field investigations
Eugene Kojan Ph.D. 1972 Geology Analysis of several gravitational mass movement processes : their incidence, morphology, mechanics and rates, with a suggested procedure for regional hazard prediction
Gerald Osborn Ph.D. 1972 Geology Quaternary geology and geomorphology of the Uinta Basin and the south flank of the Uinta Mountains, Utah
John Proffett Ph.D. 1972 Geology Nature, age, and origin of Cenozoic faulting and volcanism in the basin and range province : with special reference to the Yerington district, Nevada
Walter Reed Ph.D. 1972 Geology Stratigraphic controls on the composition of petroleum and sedimentary organic matter
William Wray Ph.D. 1972 Geology Geological and statistical review of structural and zoning problems, Butte district, Montana
Samuel Clarke Ph.D. 1973 Geology The Eocene Point of Rocks sandstone provenance, mode of deposition and implications for the history of offset along the San Andreas fault in central California
Robert Heming Ph.D. 1973 Geology
Kenneth Hoffman Ph.D. 1973 Geophysics Cation ordering, unmixing, and reverse thermoremanent magnetization in the ilmenite-hematite solid solution series
David Leppaluoto Ph.D. 1973 Geophysics Iron at pressures of the earth's core: properties inferred from the significant structure theory of liquids
Gordon Nord Ph.D. 1973 Geology The origin of the Boehl's Butte anorthosite and related rocks, Shoshone County, Idaho
Horstpeter Ulbrich Ph.D. 1973 Geology Contact aureoles around granites in the Blanco Mountain quadrangle, White Mountains, California ; Crystallographic studies on scapolites ; An examiniation of enthalpies of minerals in the system SiO2-Al2O3-K2O-H2O
Christopher Winters Ph.D. 1973 Geology