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Alumni Yearbook

Name Degreesort ascending Year Major Current Position Thesis Topic
William Wright Ph.D. 1973 Geology Skarn-formation at Pine Creek Mine, Bishop, California
Robert Drake Ph.D. 1974 Geology The chronology of Cenozoic igneous and tectonic events in the central Chilean Andes
Bruce Marsh Ph.D. 1974 Geology Aleutian Island Arc magmatism
Enrique Merino Ph.D. 1974 Geology Diagenetic mineralogy and water chemistry in Tertiary sandstones from Kettleman North Dome, San Joaquin Valley, California
Charles Bacon Ph.D. 1975 Geology High-temperature heat capacity of silicate glasses
William Peppin Ph.D. 1975 Geophysics
Warwick Smith Ph.D. 1975 Geophysics A finite element study of the effects of structural irregularities on body wave propagation
Joan Fitzpatrick Ph.D. 1976 Geology Studies in the microstructure and crystal chemistry of minerals
Glyn Jones Ph.D. 1976 Geophysics The thermal interaction of the core and mantle
Thomas Lisle Ph.D. 1976 Geology Components of flow resistance in a natural channel
Joe Litehiser Ph.D. 1976 Geophysics Near-field seismograms from a two-dimensional propagating dislocation
Karen McNally Ph.D. 1976 Geophysics Spatial, temporal, and mechanistic character in earthquake occurrence : a segment of the San Andreas fault in central California
Edmund Andrews Ph.D. 1977 Geology Hydraulic adjustment of an alluvial stream channel to the supply of sediment
Thure Cerling Ph.D. 1977 Geology Paleochemistry of Plio-Pleistocene Lake Turkana and diagenesis of its sediments
Steven Dickman Ph.D. 1977 Geophysics Plate Motions and Polar Wandering
Julie Donnelly-Nolan Ph.D. 1977 Geology Geochronology and evolution of the Clear Lake volcanic field
Edward Hildreth Ph.D. 1977 Geology The magma chamber of the Bishop Tuff : gradients in temperature, pressure, and composition
Lin Wunan Ph.D. 1977 Geophysics Velocities of compressional wave in rocks of central California at high pressure and high temperature, and applications to the study of the crustal structure of California Coast Ranges
Peter Olson Ph.D. 1977 Geophysics Internal waves and hydromagnetic induction in the earth's core
Jonathan Price Ph.D. 1977 Geology Geological history of alteration and mineralization at the Yerington porphyry copper deposit, Nevada
Mark Reed Ph.D. 1977 Geology Calculations of hydrothermal metasomatism and ore deposition in submarine volcanic rocks with special reference to the West Shasta District, California
Jafar Shoja-Taheri Ph.D. 1977 Geophysics Seismological studies of strong motion records
Jesse Shore Ph.D. 1977 Geology Extrusion of Yule marble
Malcolm Somerville Ph.D. 1977 Geophysics Elasticity, constitution and temperature of Earth's lower mantle
Frank Spera Ph.D. 1977 Geology Aspects of the thermodynamic and transport behavior of basic magmas
Ronald Stoessell Ph.D. 1977 Geology Geochemical studies of two magnesium silicates, sepiolite and kerolite
Alvaro Tobar Ph.D. 1977 Geology Stratigraphy and structure of the El Salvador-Potrerillos region, Atacama, Chile
Robert Uhrhammer Ph.D. 1977 Geophysics Shear wave velocity structure in the earth from differential shear wave measurements
Diane Wolfgram Ph.D. 1977 Geology Wall rock alteration and the localization of gold in the Homestake Mine, Lead, South Dakota
Philip Behrman Ph.D. 1978 Geology Paleogeography and structural evolution of a middle mesozoic volcanic arc-continental margin : Sierra Nevada foothills, California