Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Near-Surface Geochemistry and Geobiology

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degreesort ascending Year Major Current Position Thesis Topic
Janet Sowers Ph.D. 1985 Geology Pedogenic calcretes of the Kyle Canyon alluvial fan, Southern Nevada : morphology and development
Roger Stoffregen Ph.D. 1985 Geology Genesis of acid-sulfate alteration and Au-Cu-Ag mineralization at Summitville, Colorado : including sections on supergene alteration and clay mineralogy of the deposit
James Allan Ph.D. 1984 Geology Geological studies in the Colima Graben
Lung Chan Ph.D. 1984 Geology Paleomagnetism and tectonic studies Paleomagnetism and tectonic studies of the Scaglia Rossa pelagic limestones (upper cretaceous-eocene) from the Umbria-Marches Apennines, Italy
Chaw-Long Chu Ph.D. 1984 Geophysics Constitutive relations of Clays and Clayey fault at high pressures
Brian Hausback Ph.D. 1984 Geology Cenozoic volcanic and tectonic evolution of Baja California Sur, Mexico
Warren Sharp Ph.D. 1984 Geology Structure, petrology, and geochronology of a part of the central Sierra Nevada foothills metamorphic belt, California
Thomas Bell Ph.D. 1983 Geology Deposition and diagenesis of the Brushy Basin and upper Westwater Canyon Members of the Morrison Formation in Northwest New Mexico and its relatioship to uranium mineralization
Kin-Yip Chun Ph.D. 1983 Geophysics Crustal shear velocity modelling in Nevada : a study of broadband multi-mode surface waves
Kenneth Jackson Ph.D. 1983 Geology Chemical and thermodynamic constraints on the hydrothermal transport and deposition of tin
Keith McLaughlin Ph.D. 1983 Geophysics Spatial coherency of seismic waveforms
Jonathan Stebbins Ph.D. 1983 Geology Enthalpies and heat capacities of silicate liquids : calorimetric measurements and thermodynamics calculation
Teresa Bowers Ph.D. 1982 Geology Calculation of the thermodyamic and geochemical consequences of nonideal mixing in the system H?O-CO?-NaCl on phase relations in geologic systems
Richard Eisenberg Ph.D. 1982 Geology Chronostratigraphy and lithogeochemistry of lower paleozoic rocks from the Boundary Mountains, west central Maine
Virginia Gillerman Ph.D. 1982 Geology Tungsten and copper skarns of the railroad mining district, Nevada
Andre Lehre Ph.D. 1982 Geology Sediment mobilization and production from a small mountain catchment : Lone Tree Creek, Marin County, California
William Lettis Ph.D. 1982 Geology Late Cenzoic stratigraphy and structure of the western margin of the central San Joaquin Valley, California
Donna Marron Ph.D. 1982 Geology Hillslope evolution and the genesis of colluvium in Redwood National Park, Northwestern California : the use of soil development in their analysis
Mary Savina Ph.D. 1982 Geology Studies in bedrock lithology and the nature of downslope movement
Bradley Smith Ph.D. 1982 Geology Plastic deformation of garnets : mechanical behavior and associated microstructures
Toshiro Tanimoto Ph.D. 1982 Geology Coupling and attenuation of torsional modes in a heterogeneous earth
Carol Bruton Ph.D. 1981 Geology
Roger Hansen Ph.D. 1981 Geophysics Observational study of terrestrial eigenvibrations
Daniel Kosco Ph.D. 1981 Geology The Mt. Edgecumbe volcanic field, Alaska : an example of tholeiitic and calc-alkaline volcanism ; Characteristics of andesitic to dactic volcanism at Katmai National Park, Alaska
Robert Lambe Ph.D. 1981 Geology Crystallization and petrogenesis of the southern portion of the Boulder Batholith, Montana
Richard Lee Ph.D. 1981 Geophysics Constraints on seismic velocity in the mantle
David Bice Ph.D. 1980 Geology Tephra stratigraphy and physical aspects of recent volcanism near Managua, Nicaragua
Thomas Dey Ph.D. 1980 Geophysics Brittle failure of crystalline rock
Mark Ghiorso Ph.D. 1980 Geology Studies in natural solid-liquid equilibrium
William Hallager Ph.D. 1980 Geology Geology of Archean gold-bearing metasediments near Jardine, Montana