Earth and Planetary Science
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Alumni Yearbook

Name Degreesort ascending Year Major Current Position Thesis Topic
Anthony Lomax Ph.D. 1992 Geophysics The waveray method for approximating broadband wave propagation through complex, inhomogeneous media
Paulo Vasconcelos Ph.D. 1992 Geology
Ann Becker Ph.D. 1993 Geophysics Frequency dependent directivity focusing of strong ground motion
Mark Feighner Ph.D. 1993 Geophysics Dynamics of the Galapagos hotspot
Win-Tsuang Hwang Ph.D. 1993 Geology The evolution of fold-and-thrust structures
James McKean Ph.D. 1993 Geology Soil creep and earthflows : geomorphic analysis using cosmogenic istopes and remote sensing
Daniel Schrag Ph.D. 1993 Geology Oxygen isotope exchange and transport in deep sea sediments and pore fluids : deciphering the history of Earth's climate
Michele Seidl Ph.D. 1993 Geology Form and process in channel incision of bedrock
Huoyi Zhang Ph.D. 1993 Geophysics A study of lower mantle mineralogy by Ab Initio potential models
Kristin Bennett Ph.D. 1994 Geology Deformation of high-pressure, low-temperature polycrystalline ice : mechanical properties, texture, and microstructures
Sherry Cady Ph.D. 1994 Geology Microfibrous quartz and crystalline Microfibrous quartz and crystalline opaline silica varieties : microstructural characterization by transmission electron
Nelson Fernandes Ph.D. 1994 Geology
Florian Heidelbach Ph.D. 1994 Geology Textures and microstructures in recrystallized rocks : a study by x-ray and electron diffraction
Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni Ph.D. 1994 Geology The History and dynamics of plate motions
Kevin Righter Ph.D. 1994 Geology Studies of basic volcanism in the western Mexican volcanic belt
Charles Wicks Ph.D. 1994 Geophysics
Jan Amend Ph.D. 1995 Geology Calculation of the standard molal thermodynamic properties of aqueous biomolecules at elevated temperatures and pressures
Ruben Amirbekian Ph.D. 1995 Geophysics Effects of seismic wave scattering in strong motion seismology / by Ruben Vardanovich Amirbekian
Cinzia Farnetani Ph.D. 1995 Geophysics Mantle plume dynamics and melting processes
Nicholas Gregor Ph.D. 1995 Geophysics Attenuation relations for peak strong ground motion displacement
Roland Gritto Ph.D. 1995 Geophysics Rayleigh scattering and nonlinear inversion of elastic waves
Thomas Johnson Ph.D. 1995 Geology Interpretation of isotope ratios as indicators of fluid flow and chemical interaction in groundwater-rock systems
John Lassiter Ph.D. 1995 Geology Geochemical investigations of plume-related lavas : Constraints on the structure of mantle plumes and the nature of plume/lithosphere interactions
Yves Le Stunff Ph.D. 1995 Geophysics
Gordon Moore Ph.D. 1995 Geology Experimental and field studies of hydrous magma
Robert Nadeau Ph.D. 1995 Geophysics Characterization and application of microearthquake clusters to problems of scaling, fault zones dynamics, and seismic monitoring at Parkfield, California
Arturo Romero Ph.D. 1995 Geophysics Application of seismic tomographic techniques in the investigation of geothermal systems
Kenneth Sims Ph.D. 1995 Geology Magma genesis in the Earth's mantle : constraints from concurrent modeling of trace-element and isotopic ratios
John Bratton Ph.D. 1997 Geology The Frasnian-Famennian (Late Devonian) mass extinction and recovery interval : oxygenation, stable isotopes, and biostratigraphy
Peggy Johnson Ph.D. 1997 Geophysics