Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Near-Surface Geochemistry and Geobiology

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Majorsort descending Current Position Thesis Topic
Roger Taylor B.A. 1963
Matthew Cover B.A. 2002 *Earth Sciences
Delphine Prevost B.A. 1996 *Earth Sciences
Marilyn Tiaven B.A. 1967 *Earth Sciences
Pilar Logan B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
Greta Yee B.A. 1977 *Earth Sciences
Jesse Schwartzberg B.A. 1996 *Earth Sciences
Jeffrey Nowell B.A. 1976 *Earth Sciences
Daniel Malmon B.A. 1993 *Earth Sciences
Matthew Morton B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
Carrie Friedman B.A. 1994 *Earth Sciences
Lars Borg B.A. 1985 *Earth Sciences
Patricia Fields B.A. 1982 *Earth Sciences
Demetrios Bosniadis B.A. 1995 *Earth Sciences
John Hedley B.A. 1991 *Earth Sciences
Donald Kresse B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
Michael Grey B.A. 1979 *Earth Sciences
Robert Matheson B.A. 1993 *Earth Sciences
Alisa Sramala B.A. 1996 *Earth Sciences
Elizabeth Griffin B.A. 1978 *Earth Sciences
Jeanne Mitchell B.A. 1980 *Earth Sciences
Neil Summer B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
James Phillips B.A. 1978 *Earth Sciences
Linda Tsukamoto B.A. 1980 *Earth Sciences
John Kato B.A. 1994 *Earth Sciences
Diane Johnson B.A. 1984 *Earth Sciences
James Lekas B.A. 1977 *Earth Sciences
Philip Beilin B.A. 1980 *Earth Sciences
David Loomis B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
Milagros Bracho B.A. 1984 *Earth Sciences