Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Atmosphere, Oceans, and Climate

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Position Thesis Topicsort descending
Ida Davidson B.A. 1947 Geology
William Mosher B.A. 1937 Geology
Jon Kaneshiro B.A. 1980 Geology
Allison King B.A. 2008 Atmospheric Science
Stephen Ferencz M.A. 2012 Earth and Planetary Science
Jack Blanke B.A. 1959 Geology
Elizabeth Kiesselbach B.A. 2005 Marine Science
Jeffrey Patry M.A. 1979 Geology
Amanda Smith B.A. 1977 Geology
Donald Goldsmith Ph.D. 1969 Geology
Lori Emison B.A. 1989 *Earth Sciences
John Farrington B.A. 1985 Geology
Robert Roese B.A. 1949 Geophysics
David Miller B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
Alison Waxman M.A. 1981 Geophysics
Kathleen Johnson Ph.D. 2004 Geology
Richard Repath B.A. 1953 Geology
Richard Griffin B.A. 1958 Geology
Philip Bonstin B.A. 2002 Geology
Theodore Chenoweth B.A. 1952 Geology
Eric Long B.A. 1979 Geology
Ross Wadman B.A. 1960 Geology
Mary Templeton M.A. 1986 Geophysics
Karl Bertelsman B.A. 1929 Geology
Eldon Thorp M.A. 1930 Geology
Michael Hoi B.A. 1981 Geophysics
Kathy Ehrig Ph.D. 1991 Geology
Malcolm MacFarlane B.A. 1966 Geophysics
Marcia Ward B.A. 1978 Geophysics
Nathan Wiser B.A. 1987 Geology