Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Geophysics

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Position Thesis Topicsort descending
Millis Oakes B.A. 1951 Geology
George Liao B.A. 1971 Geophysics
Melanie Perkins B.A. 1975 Geology
James Park B.A. 1978 Geophysics
Mary Houlihan B.A. 1987 Geology
Charlotte Stephens B.A. 1943 Geology
Andrey Aristov B.A. 1984 Geology
Juliann Sturla B.A. 1982 Geophysics
Galen Sturgeon B.A. 1935 Geology
Gretchen Sites B.A. 2008 Geology
Michael Simpson B.A. 1980 *Earth Sciences
Daniela Rosa Ph.D. 2014 Earth and Planetary Science Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Research Scientist
Donald Rodgers B.A. 1967 Geophysics
Franklin Conger B.A. 1951 Geology
Charles Bacon B.A. 1958 Geology
Daniel Schwartz B.A. 1974 Geology
John Borrego B.A. 1988 Geology
Richard Reynolds B.A. 1985 Geophysics
George Brimhall B.A. 1969 Geology
Kathryn Quigley M.A. 2011 Earth and Planetary Science
David Aubry B.A. 1968 Geology
Keefe Reuther B.A. 2003 Geology
Walter Howe B.A. 1952 Geology
Peter Wygle B.A. 1956 Geology
Albert Lee B.A. 1979 Geology
Mark Peterson B.A. 1973 Geology
George Kellogg B.A. 1977 Geology
Danuta Lipscomb M.S. 1979 Geology
James Bisese B.A. 1985 Geology
Anson Thacher B.A. 1964 Geology