Earth and Planetary Science
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Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Position Thesis Topic
Michele Seidl Ph.D. 1993 Geology Form and process in channel incision of bedrock
Huoyi Zhang Ph.D. 1993 Geophysics A study of lower mantle mineralogy by Ab Initio potential models
Christopher Lewis M.S. 1993 Geology
Kenneth Williams B.A. 1993 Geology
Andrew Yu B.A. 1993 Geophysics
Rolf Aalto B.A. 1993 Geology
Jennifer Anderson B.A. 1993 Geology
Wayne Blake B.A. 1993 Geology
Michael Curci B.A. 1993 *Earth Sciences
Jennifer Horsman B.A. 1993 Geophysics
Daniel Malmon B.A. 1993 *Earth Sciences
Robert Matheson B.A. 1993 *Earth Sciences
Theresa Ponader B.A. 1993 Geology
Martin Trso B.A. 1993 Geology
William Foxall Ph.D. 1992 Geophysics Heterogeneous slip and rupture models of the San Andreas Fault Zone based upon three-dimensional earthquake tomography
Russell Graymer Ph.D. 1992 Geology Structural evolution of the central part of the foothills terrance, Sierra Nevada, California
Joel Ita Ph.D. 1992 Geophysics Petrology, density, and velocity structure of subducting lithosphere and the mantle
Anthony Lomax Ph.D. 1992 Geophysics The waveray method for approximating broadband wave propagation through complex, inhomogeneous media
Paulo Vasconcelos Ph.D. 1992 Geology
Juan Somoano M.A. 1992 Geology
David Adams B.A. 1992 Geology
Jose Aguirre B.A. 1992 *Earth Sciences
E Daley B.A. 1992 Geology Temporal and spatial variations in compositions of young mafic volcanic rocks of the southwestern basin and range : isotopic constraints on the relationship between thinning in the lithosphere and extensional deforamtion in the upper crust
Steven Bacharach B.A. 1992 Geophysics
Isaac Berhane B.A. 1992 Geology
Jennifer Bostwick B.A. 1992 Geology
Courtney Bowman B.A. 1992 *Earth Sciences
Christina Gallego B.A. 1992 Geology
Elizabeth Gier B.A. 1992 Geology
Susan Mahler B.A. 1992 *Earth Sciences