Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Planetary Science

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Position Thesis Topicsort descending
Kim Reading B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
Isaac Berhane B.A. 1992 Geology
Steven Dutch B.A. 1969 Geology
John Lipford M.A. 1960 Geophysics
John Hazzard B.A. 1928 Geology
Alexey Shulgin M.S. 2006 Earth and Planetary Science
Arthur Reis B.A. 2002 Geophysics
David Day M.A. 1950 Geology
Paul Pause B.A. 1972 Geology
James Lienkaemper B.A. 1976 Geology
Lisa Benatar B.A. 1986 Geophysics
Norbert Prvanov B.A. 1984 Geology
Gretchen Brandt B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
Lucas Goldstein M.A. 1996 Geology
Marshall Reed B.A. 1966 Geology
James Pinkerton B.A. 1961 Geology
Alexis Mei Ph.D. 1941 Geology
Carter Jessop B.A. 2009 Atmospheric Science
Alan O'Neill B.A. 1951 Geology
George Roden B.A. 1971 Geology
Gil Lawton B.A. 1975 Geology
William Leith B.A. 1978 Geology
Joseph Durek B.A. 1987 Geophysics
Marc Malott B.A. 1982 *Earth Sciences
Paula Rosener B.A. 1980 Geology
Jane Hopkins B.A. 1995 *Earth Sciences
Neil Gilbert B.A. 1967 Geology
Kuru Durmus M.A. 1962 Geology
Robert Plumb B.A. 1947 Geophysics
George Switzer B.A. 1937 Geology