Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Geophysics

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Positionsort descending Thesis Topic
Arthur Drummond Ph.D. 1966 Geology Mineralogical and chemical study of Craigmont Mine, Merritt, British Columbia
John Bratton Ph.D. 1997 Geology The Frasnian-Famennian (Late Devonian) mass extinction and recovery interval : oxygenation, stable isotopes, and biostratigraphy
Grant Mays B.A. 1991 *Earth Sciences
Bridget O'Neill Ph.D. 1994 Geophysics
David Kohmann B.A. 1973 Geophysics
Brett Davidheiser-Kroll B.A. 2007 Geology
Douglas Brookins B.A. 1958 Geology
Larry Espinosa B.A. 1978 Geology
Bruce Marsh Ph.D. 1974 Geology Aleutian Island Arc magmatism
Carl Gable B.A. 1983 Geophysics
Roger Lind B.A. 1953 Geology
Abigail Swann B.A. 2003 Atmospheric Science
Herbert Laue B.A. 1950 Geology
Ernest Nichols B.A. 1935 Geology
Annemarie Meike Ph.D. 1986 Geology A study of deformation-enhanced dissolution in theory, experiment and nature based on microstructural evidence
John Harman M.A. 1944 Geology The geology and ore deposits of the Suyoc-Mankayan district, Suyoc, Mankayan, Mountain province, Philippine islands
Gar Willis M.A. 1962 Geology The geology of the east central portion of the Paskenta Quadrangle, Tehama County, California
Gordon Moore Ph.D. 1995 Geology Experimental and field studies of hydrous magma
Chiu Wen M.A. 1980 Geophysics
Paul Pause B.A. 1972 Geology
Yanxia Xie Ph.D. 2002 Geology Quantitative texture analysis using time-off flight neutron diffraction and electron back scatter diffraction
Elowyn Yager Ph.D. 2006 Geology Prediction of sediment transport in steep, rough streams
John Burnett B.A. 1957 Geology
Juliet Shin B.A. 1989 Geology
Greta Yee B.A. 1977 *Earth Sciences
Toshiro Tanimoto Ph.D. 1982 Geology Coupling and attenuation of torsional modes in a heterogeneous earth
Carl Martin B.A. 1984 Geology
Peter Higbee B.A. 2000 *Earth Sciences
Donald Rodgers B.A. 1951 Geology
Godfrey Beckman B.A. 1938 Geology