Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Planetary Science

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Position Thesis Topicsort descending
Juan Somoano M.A. 1992 Geology
Gerald D'Spain M.A. 1981 Geophysics
William Lukens B.A. 1958 Geology
Stephen Dickenson B.A. 1985 Geology
James Stifler Ph.D. 1979 Geophysics
Curtis Nylander B.A. 1977 Geology
Thomas Todd B.A. 1951 Geology
Douglas Wainwright B.A. 1979 Geophysics
Brandon Endo B.A. 2009 Marine Science
Leo Newfarmer B.A. 1933 Geology
Richard Connell B.A. 1940 Geology
Peggy Johnson Ph.D. 1997 Geophysics
Steven Miller B.A. 1991 Geology
Teri Goldberg B.A. 1981 Geology
Manuel Delrio B.A. 1953 Geology
Robert Williamson B.A. 1986 *Earth Sciences
Vanora Hoff B.A. 1979 *Earth Sciences
Charles Johnson B.A. 1951 Geology
Shuo Zhang Ph.D. 2014 Earth and Planetary Science Aramco Services Company Geologist
Loretta Kwong B.A. 2008 Geology
Charles Porter B.A. 1935 Geology
Manuel Bonilla B.A. 1943 Geology
Adel Zohdy M.A. 1962 Geophysics
Kenneth Casaday M.A. 1967 Geophysics
John Bullitt M.A. 1982 Geophysics
Richard Harding B.A. 1979 Geophysics
Elizabeth Cassidy B.A. 1984 *Earth Sciences
Allen Tedrow B.A. 1987 *Earth Sciences
Douglas Stimpson B.A. 1978 Geology
William Kohler M.A. 1975 Geophysics