Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Near-Surface Geochemistry and Geobiology

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Positionsort descending Thesis Topic
Cornelius Ham B.A. 1951 Geology The geology of a portion of the Las Trampas Ridge Quadrangle, California
Robert Coe Ph.D. 1966 Geophysics Paleo-intensities of the geomagnetic field determined from Tertiary and Quaternary rocks
Simon Cardinale M.A. 1997 Geology
Raymond Huang B.A. 1991 Geology
David Evans B.A. 1981 Geophysics
Samuel Blakeslee M.A. 1984 Geophysics
Kurt Nihei B.A. 1986 Geophysics
Craig Griffith B.A. 1979 Geology
Richard Wunderman B.A. 1976 Geology
Russell Gastil Ph.D. 1954 Geology The geology of the eastern half of the Diamond Butte Quadrangle, Gila County, Arizona
David Kessler M.A. 1972 Geophysics
Frank Kilmer B.A. 1951 Geology
Corina Cerovski-Darriau B.A. 2008 Geology
William Zaslove B.A. 1976 Geophysics
Leroy Graff B.A. 1954 Geology
Steven Stiles M.A. 1972 Geophysics
Barry Koch B.A. 1951 Geology
Joshua Graham B.A. 2008 Geology
James Wilson B.A. 1959 Geology
John Kilkenny B.A. 1935 Geology
Mia Alexander B.A. 1944 Geology
Frank Sayers M.A. 1962 Geology The geology of a portion of the Manhattan Quadrangle, the Horseshoe Hills area, Gallatin County, Montana
Sierra Coon B.A. 2004 Geology
Michael Boyle B.A. 1967 Geology The stratigraphy, sedimentation, and structure of an area near Point Arena, California
Yves Le Stunff Ph.D. 1995 Geophysics
John Wakabayashi B.A. 1980 Geology
Eugenia Zorich B.A. 1982 Geology
Pamela Brody B.A. 1984 Geology
Lynn Simmons B.A. 1987 Geology
Daniel Smith B.A. 1978 Geology