Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Planetary Science

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Majorsort descending Current Position Thesis Topic
Annette Depaz B.A. 1995 *Earth Sciences
Grant Mays B.A. 1991 *Earth Sciences
Lars Borg B.A. 1985 *Earth Sciences
Patricia Fields B.A. 1982 *Earth Sciences
Roseanne Perman B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
Mary Pfister B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
Jennifer Ramirez B.A. 1994 *Earth Sciences
Edward Costomiris B.A. 1977 *Earth Sciences
Mauricio Escobar B.A. 1995 *Earth Sciences The geology of Hunter
Donald Kresse B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
Jerri Saso B.A. 1979 *Earth Sciences
Jason Westfall B.A. 1994 *Earth Sciences
Brian Garcia B.A. 1995 *Earth Sciences
James Lin B.A. 2000 *Earth Sciences
Neil Summer B.A. 1983 *Earth Sciences
Jose Aguirre B.A. 1992 *Earth Sciences
Barbara Stucki B.A. 1979 *Earth Sciences
Michael Gerstein B.A. 2001 *Earth Sciences
Diane Johnson B.A. 1984 *Earth Sciences
Gerald Frost B.A. 1981 *Earth Sciences
James Huston B.A. 1939 Geology
David Snow M.S. 1957 Geology The geology of the northeast corner of Alameda County and adjacent portions of Contra Costa County, California
Herbert Quon B.A. 1981 Geology
Stephen Palmer B.A. 1974 Geology
Catherine Botke B.A. 1942 Geology
Dugald Carmichael Ph.D. 1967 Geology Structure and progressive metamorphism inthe Whetstone Lake area, Ontario, with emphasis on the mechanism of prograde
David Day M.A. 1950 Geology
Theodore Scott M.A. 1954 Geology Sand movement by waves
Douglas LaRowe 1 Ph.D. 2005 Geology
David McKay M.A. 1960 Geology Mechanism of crystallization of amorphous silica