Earth and Planetary Science
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Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Position Thesis Topic
Stanley Cummings B.A. 1941 Geology
Charles Heald B.A. 1941 Geology
Melvin Hill B.A. 1941 Geology
Roy Hubbard B.A. 1941 Geology
Harold Johns B.A. 1941 Geology
Robert Laverty B.A. 1941 Geology
Matthew Nackowski B.A. 1941 Geology Geology of a section in the Nipomo and Branch Mountain quadrangles
Jim Richmond B.A. 1941 Geology
Gershon Robinson B.A. 1941 Geology The geology of the Daulton Quadrangle, California
Don Short B.A. 1941 Geology
Tom Ayoob B.A. 1941 Geology
Francis Bryan B.A. 1941 Geology
John Riper B.A. 1941 Geology
Arthur Huey Ph.D. 1940 Geology The geology of the Tesla quadrangle of middle California
Richard Merriam Ph.D. 1940 Geology Geology of the southwestern part of the Ramona quadrangle, San Diego County, California
Irvine Phillips M.A. 1940 Geology
Gordon Bell B.A. 1940 Geology A geologic section of the Santa Lucia Mountains, Coast Range, California
Charles Chesterman B.A. 1940 Geology Contact metamorphism of the Twin Lakes region, Fresno County, California,$cby Charles Wesley Chesterman
Richard Connell B.A. 1940 Geology
Richard Lancie B.A. 1940 Geology
Tom Folsom B.A. 1940 Geology
Frank Hampton B.A. 1940 Geology
Preston Hotz B.A. 1940 Geology Paleozoic volcanic rocks in the Medford quadrangle, Oregon : a petrographic study
Samuel Martner B.A. 1940 Geology
George Monheit B.A. 1940 Geology
E Whitley B.A. 1940 Geology
Robert Wilson B.A. 1940 Geology
Richard Mielenz Ph.D. 1939 Geology The geology of the southwestern part of San Benito County, California
Leonard Schombel M.A. 1939 Geology Preliminary report on the geology of the Soledad quadrangle, Monterey County, California
Mary Beckerlegge M.A. 1939 Geology