Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Atmosphere, Oceans, and Climate

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Yearsort ascending Major Current Position Thesis Topic
Martin Saar Ph.D. 2003 Earth and Planetary Science
Aurel DeHollan B.A. 2003 Geology
Leonard Sklar Ph.D. 2003 Geology
Andy Hsieh B.A. 2003 Atmospheric Science
David Stegman Ph.D. 2003 Earth and Planetary Science
Rick Huang B.A. 2003 Environmental Earth Science
John Lynch Ph.D. 2002 Geophysics
Irene Sanchez Montero Ph.D. 2002 Geology
David Schmidt Ph.D. 2002 Geophysics
Yanxia Xie Ph.D. 2002 Geology Quantitative texture analysis using time-off flight neutron diffraction and electron back scatter diffraction
Misato Araki B.A. 2002 Geology
Philip Bonstin B.A. 2002 Geology
Matthew Cover B.A. 2002 *Earth Sciences
Nathan Garfield B.A. 2002 Geology
Daniel Mayeri B.A. 2002 Geophysics
David Gibbs B.A. 2002 Geology
Alisha Miller B.A. 2002 Geology
Maxwell Wilmarth B.A. 2002 Geology
Arthur Reis B.A. 2002 Geophysics
Patricia Yu B.A. 2002 Geophysics
Joshua Teves B.A. 2002 Geology
John Williams B.A. 2002 Geology
Kenneth Williams M.S. 2002 Geophysics
Terry Arcuri Ph.D. 2002 Geology
Michael Gerstein B.A. 2001 *Earth Sciences
Amelie Hoyos B.A. 2001 Geology
Alexis Newman B.A. 2001 Geology
Kou-San Ju B.A. 2001 *Earth Sciences
Eric Pankonin B.A. 2001 *Earth Sciences
Wendy Panero Ph.D. 2001 Geophysics Experimental observations of basaltic crust in the lower mantle