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Alumni Yearbook

Namesort descending Degree Year Major Current Position Thesis Topic
Charles Allen B.A. 1939 Geology
Charles Alpers Ph.D. 1986 Geology Geochemical and geomorphological dynamics of supergene copper sulfide ore formation and preservation at La Escondida, Antofagasta, Chile
Charles Anderson Ph.D. 1928 Geology The geology and ore deposits of the Engels and Superior mines, Plumas County, California
Charles Bacon B.A. 1958 Geology
Charles Bacon Ph.D. 1975 Geology High-temperature heat capacity of silicate glasses
Charles Baker B.A. 1916 Geology Geology and underground waters of the northern Llano Estacado
Charles Bishop B.A. 1948 Geology
Charles Boardman B.A. 1959 Geology
Charles Booth B.A. 1948 Geological Sciences
Charles Booth M.A. 1950 Geology Geology of the west central portion of the Orestimba Quadrangle
Charles Chesterman B.A. 1940 Geology Contact metamorphism of the Twin Lakes region, Fresno County, California,$cby Charles Wesley Chesterman
Charles Colby B.A. 1935 Geology
Charles Ensey B.A. 1976 Geology
Charles Gilbert Ph.D. 1938 Geology Studies in natural solid-liquid equilibrium
Charles Goss B.A. 1948 Geology Geology of the southwest corner of the Calistoga Quadrangle
Charles Graham B.A. 1959 Geology
Charles Gribble B.A. 1987 Geology
Charles Gromme Ph.D. 1963 Geology Remanent magnetization of igneous rocks from the Franciscan and Lovejoy formations, northern California
Charles Hammers B.A. 1983 Geophysics
Charles Hatten B.A. 1949 Geology
Charles Heald B.A. 1941 Geology
Charles Herrick M.A. 1953 Geophysics
Charles Higgins Ph.D. 1950 Geology The lower Russian River, California
Charles Hodgson Ph.D. 1968 Geology The mineralogy and structure of the New Broken Hill Consolidated Limited Mine, Broken Hill, New South Wales
Charles Johnson B.A. 1951 Geology
Charles Jones B.A. 1963 Geology
Charles Marks B.A. 1973 Geology
Charles Meade Ph.D. 1990 Geology New experiments on the mechanical properties of minerals at high pressures :$bimplications for the strength of the Earths mantle and the mechanism of deep-focus earthquakes
Charles Mix B.A. 1922 Geology
Charles Perdue B.A. 1958 Geology