Earth and Planetary Science
EPS Near-Surface Geochemistry and Geobiology

Alumni Yearbook

Name Degree Year Major Current Position Thesis Topicsort descending
Joyce Blueford B.A. 1974 Geology
Dayna Salter M.A. 1977 Geophysics
D Oke B.A. 1979 Geology
Mark Kubacki B.A. 1981 Geology
Deborah Loewenherz Ph.D. 1991 Geology
William Phillips B.A. 1979 Geophysics
Gregory Murphy M.S. 1986 Geology
Thomas Langley B.A. 1981 Geology
Brian Savage B.A. 1998 Geophysics
Patrick Hoffmann B.A. 1965 Geophysics
George Monheit B.A. 1940 Geology
Paul Schulz B.A. 1932 Geology
Ryan Petterson B.A. 2000 Geology
David Day M.A. 1950 Geology
Hugo Garcia B.A. 1990 Geology
Joseph Franck B.A. 1996 Geophysics
Darwish Addassi B.A. 1961 Geology
Harold Vokes Ph.D. 1935 Geology
Kathryn Quigley B.A. 2008 Geophysics
Mong-Han Huang Ph.D. 2014 Earth and Planetary Science Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellow
Alan O'Neill B.A. 1951 Geology
Paul Eimon B.A. 1951 Geology
John Goetter B.A. 1972 Geology
John Egermeier B.A. 1976 Geology
Linda Tedrow B.A. 1988 Geology
David Sassani M.A. 1985 Geology
Cheryl Closson B.A. 1982 *Earth Sciences
Ruth Ludwin M.A. 1980 Geophysics
Nelson Fernandes Ph.D. 1994 Geology
Alden McElrath B.A. 1948 Geology