Advanced Field Geology Course

Earth and Planetary Science 118

Professors George Brimhall and Doug Dreger

University of California, Berkeley

Wise River, Beaverhead County, Montana

Crustal Evolution, Mineral Deposits, and Water Resources

Geologists Using Modern Field Technology to Solve Scientific Problems for A Sustainable Future and Support Resource Literacy

Professor: George Brimhall   Purpose     Syllabus   GeoMapper Web Page and Instruction Manual


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Class Lectures and Access                                                           

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Lecture 0Planning meeting                                        

Lecture 1Roadmap, objectives, and expectations  

Lecture 2 Icehouse/greenhouse global change, stratigraphy, eustacy, evaporites, natural gas, and tar sands  

Lecture 3 Laramide structure & Paleo-oceanography

Lecture 4Phosphate deposits and regional Permian processes

Lecture 5:   Public land use and river chemistry

Lecture 6 Methods in Field Geophysics: Gravity (Prof. Doug Dreger)

Lecture 7 Planetary evolution & chemical fractionation, layered mafic intrusions and Pt-Pd ore deposits

Lecture 8Porphyry Cu &Mo deposits and exploration geophysics

Lecture 9Metals for Sustainable Energy, Wind Power, Coal and Gas

Lecture 10: Glacial Geology and Missoula Flood                           

Required Planning Meeting   (1) Emergency Contact (2) Dietary Restrictions  (3) Consent Form  Equipment & Supplies Driving Safety

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Field Safety Assessments    Radio Communication   Lightning Detection    Mosquito Repellants   Drought

Safety First  Personal Conduct Code     St James Hospital Butte   Map  Self-Treatment of a Heart Attack


Daily Routine       Camp Helper Rotations     Places in Butte    Water Resource and Quality Studies  

Web Map Tools:  GeoCommunicator  BLM LR2000  Cadastral Mapping     USGS National Map   USGS Mineral Resources    Energy

Globalsat BU- 353 S4 Magnet Removal Instructions

Digital Mapping Methods        Publications on GeoMapper      Printing Maps (for Instructor)   Reading List   Off-Limit Travel Routes

Photo Galleries of Past Berkeley Field Camps: 1981    1983    1988    1989    1990    1991    1993    1995    1999    2001    2003 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010

Wildlife, Mapping, and your days off

Working Near Bears    Mountain Lions Bear Spray   Animal Tracks Time Scale   Water Purification in the Field


  Real-time Weather Maps, Road Conditions, and Live WebCams:   

10-day forecast Intellicast    Wind Map  Wild Fires   Map   Lightning Threat AverageRainfall  UV Forecast   

Wise River Weather: Radar Map  AccuWeather   Weather Warnings Floods etc.    NOAA  Video   Road Conditions:  CA      MT     NV      ID    

Maps NW Region :  Precipitation    Snow Depth   Regional Temperature   WeatherFronts  Front Symbols Cold Front   Wind  Alerts   Snowpack (See Jeff. R.)

Interactive MT Map      Webcams : CA HW 80       MT Monida Pass    Lost Trail Pass Status Logan Pass GTSH   Glacier Park Lake McDonald   St.Mary   Last Frost Map

                                                                                            Butte               Big Hole Battlefield

Real-Time  Stream Flow USGS  Graph  Yellowstone Old Faithful   Air temperature lapse rate: 3.6 degrees F/1000 feet

Camgrounds Inyo National Forest   Status Tioga Pass     Westgard Pass  HW 168  Campsite Reservations: 1-(760)-873-2500 option 0

Compute Magnetic Declination


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