Earthquake Intensity Exercise

In this exercise, you will assign Modified Mercalli Intensity values to descriptions of the shaking and damage experienced during the Morgan Hill earthquake of 1984, and explore how intensity varies with distance from the earthquake.

During the exercise, you will be asked some questions about the material you are reading and the results of your analysis. You should answer these questions to the best of your ability, because they give you an opportunity to check your understanding of the material, but don't worry if you can't answer some of them right away - the answers will be explained on the next step of the assignment, and a wrong guess won't affect your grade.

After working through the exercise, you will take a short quiz, which will determine your grade on the assignment. You may repeat the whole exercise as often as you like, and submit just your best score.

Please note: You cannot save your progress halfway through the exercise. It should only take about an hour; however, if you need to close your browser while you get help with a problem, or eat dinner, or whatever, you will need to re-enter your answers when you return to work. You may wish to write your answers down or print them out as you go along, so that you can quickly return to where you left off.

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