Kimberly Blisniuk

Stanford University Visiting Scholar

UC Berkeley/Berkeley Geochronology Center Postdoctoral Fellow



I am a field geologist and geochronologist interested in landscape evolution, earthquake geology, and tectonic reconstructions of dynamic processes in the upper crust. I am particularly interested in how crustal deformation at depth and changes in Earth’s climate are archived on Earth’s surface, as this information is critical for understanding regional climate and tectonics. My research implements a variety of field and laboratory tools aimed at characterizing and quantifying rates of active landscape. These tools include geochronology (specifically terrestrial cosmogenic radionuclides and U-series dating), structural and geomorphic mapping, the analysis of high-resolution topography data, GIS, and the application of mechanical models to simulate the behavior of the structures observed in the field.


Received 2013 Kurt Frankel award from NCALM in recognition of creative and innovative research applying airborne LiDAR and other data in tectonic geomorphology.



University of California, Davis

Ph.D. in Geology, 2011

Central Washington University

M.S. in Geology, 2004

University of California, Riverside

B.S. in Geology, 2000

Stanford University

Geological and Environmental Sciences

450 Serra Mall, Building 320

Stanford, CA 94305-2115

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Research Interests