ChronoZoom 1.0 (Silverlight version) is no longer available, try version instead)


Release Information

1.0 Proof of Concept released on 4/29/2010.
This is a proof of concept release. Errors contained inside will not be updated.

This 1.0 Proof of Concept version is optimized for Earth History. See the Introduction Video for background to this edition.

Tap the Left and Right arrow keys to start the tour

• The tour will start from December 31st, 1999 and continue through all regimes: Cosmos, Earth, Life, Pre-History and Humanity.

left right

Use a Mouse with scroll wheel for best results

• Zoom In: Scroll wheel
• Zoom Out: Scroll wheel
• Pan: Click and drag

ChronoZoom is not designed for use with a trackpad. If you must use a trackpad, Double Click to Zoom In, and Shift-Click to Zoom Out.


Use the navigation shortcuts at the top of the screen

• Click on any large time era (Cosmic History, Earth & Life History, Human Pre-History, etc.) to automatically pan and zoom to it.


Microsoft Siliverlight Plug-in

Please quit and re-open your web browser after installing Microsoft Silverlight.