The 2012 R. Lowry Dobson Memorial Lecture: Walter Alvarez presents Big History and ChronoZoom

Professor Alvarez delivered the 2012 R. Lowry Dobson Memorial Lecture at Sibley Auditorium on the UC Berkeley Campus, demonstrating ChronoZoom and presenting a fascinating look at contingencies in Big History.

The R. Lowry Dobson Memorial Lecture was created in 1999 to commemorate the life and passions of Dr. Lowry Dobson, a Berkeley alumnus, faculty member and research scientist.

Established by friends and family to honor Dr. Dobson's deep belief in the interdisciplinary exploration of concepts and ideas, this lecture series brings together scientists of all disciplines to share new insights, ask new questions, and find new answers to the challenges that face our world.

Lectures rotate annually among speakers chosen by the deans of biological, physical, and social sciences.