ChronoZoom 2.0 Beta in 2012, Open Source!


We are happy to announce an all new ChronoZoom 2.0 will be available in beta form later this year thanks to a generous gift and continued partnership with Microsoft Research.

The new version will allow us and others to quickly add new content to ChronoZoom’s database.

There are also some other major improvements that we will be announcing soon.

This is a big step over the ChronoZoom 1.0 proof of concept which uses a static database that is very difficult to update and expand.

We look forward to incorporating your data soon!

Open Source
ChronoZoom 2.0 will also be released as a fully open source project!

We invite those interested in the technology to view the source code of ChronoZoom 2.0 and help us improve it further.

For more information on viewing the source code, check this page later this year:
ChronoZoom on Outercurve Foundation

Roland Saekow
ChronoZoom Project Lead