Shuai Zhang

High Energy Density Physics Theory Group
University of Rochester - Laboratory for Laser Energetics
250 E River Rd, Rochester, NY 14623 USA

My background is in physics (B.S., M.S.) and geoscience (Ph.D.).
Areas of interest: high energy density physics, high-pressure mineral physics, planetary origin and evolution, computational materials sciences
Key expertise: density functional theory, molecular dynamics, quantum Monte Carlo
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Employment & Education

Research Experience

  1. Equations of state of matter at extreme conditions

  2. Properties of deep earth and planetary materials

  3. Materials structures and phase transformations under high pressure

  4. Development and application of computational methods for cross-disciplinary studies

Selected Publications

  1. Shuai Zhang, S. X. Hu, "Species separation and hydrogen streaming upon shock release from polystyrene under inertial confinement fusion conditions", Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 105001 (2020).
  2. Shuai Zhang, Heather D. Whitley, Tadashi Ogitsu, "Phase transformation in boron under shock compression", Solid State Sci. 108, 106376 (2020).
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