Our paper on pressure-temperature phase diagram of VO2 published in Nano Lett.


VO2 is of significant importance in both condensed matter and device physics. In this work, Yabin (postdoc in the group of Prof. Junqiao Wu at UC Berkeley), me, and co-workers combine experimental and theoretical methods to construct a pressure-temperature phase diagram of VO2. This diagram identifies the existence and relation of several known and new phases: insulating M1 (monoclinic), metallic R (tetragonal), insulating M1′ (monoclinic, more conductive than M1) and two metallic phases of X (monoclinic) and O (orthorhombic, at high temperature only). The results are instructive for ultimate elucidation of the phase transition physics of VO2, as well as its potential applications.

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Yabin Chen, Shuai Zhang, Feng Ke, Changhyun Ko, Sangwook Lee, Kai Liu, Bin Chen, Joel Ager, Raymond Jeanloz, Volker Eyert, and Junqiao Wu, "Pressure-Temperature Phase Diagram of Vanadium Dioxide", Nano Lett., 17, 2512–2516 (2017)