Variable pressure Zeiss-EVO SEM with EBSD system, fully automated for the study of individual orientation and orientation maps. This system is ideally suited for analysis of low symmetry materials, minerals, metals and ceramics. Contact Tim Teague at EPS: tteague@berkeley.edu.

Neutron diffraction. The Los Alamos ultrahigh count-rate University of California Materials Research Diffractometer (UCMRD) project HIPPO, is tailored for quantitative texture analysis from time-of-flight neutron diffraction spectra. Unfortunately there is currently no supported user program. Contact Sven Vogel at LANL: sven@lanl.gov.

Synchrotron x-rays. Much of recent texture research has relied on analyzing diffraction images obtained with synchrotron X-rays, both at high pressure and at ambient conditions. Software has been developed to quantitatively interpret these images in terms of orientation distributions. Recent experiments have mainly been with LBNL-ALS and ANL-APS.

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Last Edited 10/19/16