My Basic Information

Yang Zhao

PhD Applied Geophysics, UC Berkeley, May 2012
MS Geophysics Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, May 2008
BS Geophysics Science with , Peking University , July 2006

University of California, Berkeley
Davis Hall, RM 439
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA, 94720


University of California, Berkeley   (working with Prof. James Rector)
a) Seimic voids detection / inversion using traffic vechile sources
b) Cross well imaing.. 2D/3D full waveform simulation forward modeling using well log data

University of North Carolina   (working with Prof. Jose.A.Rial)
a) Automation measurements of polarizations and delay times of shear wave splitting from raw seismograms recorded by seismic stations in geothermal and hydrocarbon fields.
b) Modeling the subsurface fracture system in the Coso geothermal field, located in east Ca. Detecting the permeability and fracture density using shear wave delay times.
c) Simulating seismic wave propagation based on Greenland's ice sheetĄ¯s earthquake of the cracking and fragmenting of the ice buttresses with Elas.

Peking Univetsity   (working with Prof. Tiayue Hu)
Approximate reflectivity expression, amplitude variation with offset and azimuth (AVOA), and formation lithology analysis in 3D anisotropic medium, fluid saturation in diphasic medium and change of overburden pressure on AVO.

Summer Internship
Total E&P, TX,USA
Schlumberger-Doll Research Center,MA,USA
Danoo Inc, CA, USA

Papers/Demo Paper: 
Passive monitoring for near surface characterization using traffic as a seismic source

A New Approach of Automation Measurements of Shear-wave Splitting.

       Seismic Crack System Imaging at Coso using Shear wave splitting

Demo:  AdsPortal2 at Danoo Inc.